Best Ways to Increase Alexa Rank - Methods that Work!

The Alexa Rank is a measurement of website traffic, measured by users with the Alexa Toolbar installed - who visit your website. It works opposite of other ranking systems – the lower your score, the better your ranking. Facebook, for example currently has a score of 1 while Google has 2. Many bloggers and website owners dream of having a good Alexa rank. Maybe they are hoping that high Alexa ranking will attract advertisers - or they just want it as a sign of accomplishment. Whatever the reason, most websites have difficulty finding methods that work to increase Alexa traffic rank.



increase alexa rankBut, you should know that because Alexa only ranks websites according to visitors with the Alexa Toolbar installed, there are some great methods for attracting those people.



Listed below are 4 of the best ways to easily increase Alexa Traffic Rank.



Top Ways to Quickly Boost Alexa Ranking


  • Write consistent quality content.

    writingThis is also the tip that Google recommends for getting a good pagerank. Blogs are great for this. Post regularly, preferably every day. If people like your writing they will share it via Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere. The more its shared, the higher your potential of increasing followers and subscribers. Hopefully some of them will have the Alexa Toolbar installed – and thus help you increase your score. Keep your main priority with writing consistent, quality content that people will love and want to share.

  • Have the Alexa Toolbar Installed on your web browser

    Get the Alexa Toolbar from this link: Download Alexa Toolbar

    With this, you can regularly check your stats. Visits to your own website with this installed will contribute to your overall ranking. Also, place this on the browsers of any computer you have in your home. Get your friends to install the widget on their computers as well. A very effective tip is to use your website as the homepage at all of these places. That way, every time your website is opened, your Alexa rank will be increased.

  • Get an Alexa Widget for your Blog

    alexa widgetThe Alexa widget displays current site information – traffic rank and ranks in. It will let visitors know how your website is doing with its ranking. There is also a possibility that some of your regular visitors may see the widget, and decide to install the Alexa Toolbar on their own web browser.

  • Try to get Traffic from people with the Alexa Toolbar installed

    website ownersThere is a certain category of people who install the Alexa Toolbar on their web browsers. They are website owners, bloggers, and techy people. Try to attract those by writing articles on topics such as SEO, blogging, domains, tech tutorials, website hosting, website design, etc. Even writing articles on Alexa (such as something similar to this one) will help in attracting visitors with the installed Alexa Toolbar. Another great tip is to frequent webmaster forums, post advice or queries there regularly, and include your website link in your forum signature. This will certainly help in driving good traffic to your website, since most of these people have the Alexa Toolbar installed – traffic that will help increase your Alexa Ranking.


These are 4 of the top ways to boost Alexa rank. Have you found this post helpful? Do you have any other ways to increase Alexa ranking to share with us?


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