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It’s been about a year and a half since I began Artpromotivate. In that time the blog has grown to a readership of 1500+ subscribers, 2800+ likes on Facebook and 4300+ Twitter followers. The blog has grown faster than I ever could have imagined, thanks to the support of countless artists throughout the world. I’ve been considering for awhile what I should do next. I noticed that the common thing for bloggers to do as their blog becomes more popular is to begin writing ebooks. I have been thinking of doing this, but at this time I’ve decided to take a different route – creating a brand new blog.


designDesignpromotivate will be much more open ended than Artpromotivate in that there will be a wider range of articles. There are certain things I wanted to write about for Artpromotivate but found that the topics were unrelated to the audience. Since one of the most important rules for blogging is to stay on topic, I decided to create an entirely new blog dedicated to design.


These are some things we plan on writing about:


  • Website Design

    This is a topic I have talked about many times at Artpromotivate. I would like to further explore this area, and give even more tips, advice and tutorials about designing websites. Also expect tutorials on designing logos, banners, Facebook cover photos, etc.
  • Illustration

    illustration drawing graham matthewsIllustration is used in books, magazines, websites and a wide range of sellable products. Articles will cover inspiration for illustrators and we will also feature the work of illustrators.

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic designers work from drawings, paintings, photographs and images generated on a computer. They also work with typography, and design the type in books, magazines, websites, television commercials, movie credits, etc. As you can imagine, graphic design is a HUGE creative industry, and one we will be covering here.

  • Photography

    Various tutorials on photography and using a Digital SLR camera.
  • Tattoo Design

    I’m not sure if this topic fits here, but is something I have an interest in. Expect an occasional article on tattoo design.
  • Inspiration

    Plenty of inspiration related articles to keep you inspired.
  • Tutorials

    This will be one of the main focuses of Designpromotivate. We will be giving tutorials on various designing software as this website grows. Some of these may be Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp and more. If you would like to request tutorials on specific software, please contact us.
  • A NEW Spotlight – Promoting Creative People

    At Artpromotivate, the Artist Spotlight is one of the main attractions. We plan on continuing that tradition with Designpromotivate. We will add a page here soon with details about how to submit to this new spotlight. In the meantime, if you are an illustrator, designer, photographer, artist, etc., you are welcome to fill out the Artist Spotlight form here.

    Please indicate where you want your spotlight published – here or Artpromotivate (only visual artists – painters, sculptors, fine art photography, etc. will be published at Artpromotivate from now on)
  • Expect lots more!

    This is only the tip of the iceberg to what you may see here this year and the next. The design topic is HUGE and this will give me a chance to share all the things I could not at Artpromotivate! I am also open to suggestions on how this website could be made better. Topic suggestions are also very welcome!


There is not much here yet, but there will be as time goes on. We will begin publishing posts about a week from now – June 10, 2013 We will also be accepting quality guest posts.


Stay tuned and please subscribe in the meantime so you will not miss a single valuable post. We also have a new Facebook page!


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