Logo Design Tips to Create a Perfect Logo for Your Business

If you take a look at logos around the web, one may be left with the impression that designing logos is easy. Most logos look very simplistic. The impression is that not much work goes into them. Actually the opposite is true. Logos require careful planning, creativity, and attention to brand identity. Many times a logo will be more identifiable than an actual company. A good logo instantly helps a person identify with a company or product. A bad logo, on the other hand, gives the wrong impression about a business, which can actually hurt sales. So, it is very important to follow certain deign principles, and even seek professional help for designing a logo.


If you are wondering how to create that perfect logo design, this article covers several tips.


  1. Simplicity of Design of the Logo


    adidas logoSimple designs are quickly understood and stay in a person’s mind, more so than a complex design. The big companies of the world keep their logos very simple. Think of mega businesses such as Coke and Pepsi. These logos are simple and easy to memorize, and when we see them we instantly think about the taste of the product (that is, if you drink them). Designing a simple logo is often more difficult than designing a complex one. The designer has to keep things simple, and think about originality. The designer should also have an extensive knowledge of popular logos, so the logo doesn’t end up looking like another.

  3. Use of Color in Logos


    walt disney logoColor has a big effect on the impression received from the logo. Color should be used to both portray the message of the company, and help the audience connect the logo with the message. Certain colors portray a certain message. Red is known to increase the heart rate and blood pressure and is commonly used for sales items. Blue is a calm color and used to establish trust – many banks and businesses use blue in their logos. Green is a peaceful color and conveys growth and health. Green can be often seen in the logos of companies dealing with environment and natural health products. Yellow is a youthful and optimistic color, and is used by MacDonald's, National Geographic and Subway. Color plays a major part in psychological impression, and always should be something logo makers pay attention to.

  5. Use of Fonts in Logos – Typography


    logo fontsThe right font should be selected for a logo design, and should be not more than two typefaces, to make the design more readable. Different fonts also gives a psychological impression, so pay attention to this area as well. If interested, read this interesting article from One Extra Pixel, which talks about different typographical fonts (serif, arial, futura, garamond, rockwell, comic sans) and how using these gives a certain impression on an audience: The Psychology of Fonts

  7. Know the Audience


    When designing a logo, the target audience should always be a priority in its design. Know who whey are, what general age range, and where they may live. A logo directed at college students would obviously be much different than one directed at senior citizens.

  9. Flexible Logo Design


    coca cola logoWhen designing the logo, think about how this logo will be used on different media, such as business cards, websites, signs and t-shirts.  The design must be able to be applied to any of these instances. The design should also be able to be resized and used on a variety of colors – and still be recognized as the logo of the company. The logo design must also be timeless, and should last for centuries without need of any big changes. Coca Cola’s logo is an example of a timeless logo.

  11. Be Original, Innovative and Creative


    It’s a good idea to look at lots of logo designs. Try to make your design unique and original. It should not look like it belongs to a different company. At the same time, pay attention to all the logo design rules already mentioned. Keep your logo simple, and make it a winning design that will be readily identified with its brand.

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