20 Amazing Logo Design Tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator

We all know that having a great logo is good for branding. It says something about the company - and with advertising and promotions, people will come to identify the logo with the business.

But, designing one isn’t always an easy process. Logo design requires careful planning, and attention to simplicity, color, fonts, audience and flexibility. 

What better way to learn about designing a logo with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator than to try some of these detailed tutorials for designing one.

  1. Retro Logo


    retro photoshop tutorial
    Detailed instructions for making a retro styled logo in Photoshop. Read more at Avivadirectory.com.

  3. Vintage Barber logo


    barber shop logo
    Process describing how to create a logo for a fictional barber shop. Read the entire Illustrator tutorial at Spoon Graphics blog.

  5. Retro Textured Seal Logo


    seal logo
    Learn how to make a retro seal logo using Adobe Illustrator. See the entire tutorial at: Tutsplus.com.

  7. Create a Crazy Cool Logo


    crazy cool logo 
    Design a cool crazy logo using Illustrator. Find this logo tutorial at abduzeedo.com

  9. Vintage Logo Design


    vintage design logo
    Spoon Graphics again brings us another awesome tutorial. This one is for creating an aged vintage logo using Adobe Illustrator.

  11. Design an Umbrella Corporation Logo


    umbrella corporation logo
    If you are a fan of Capcom’s survivor horror video game series Resident Evil, you will enjoy recreating the Umbrella Corporation’s logo. Read the entire walkthrough, step by step, at Adobe Tutorialz.

  13. Coffee House Logo


    coffee house logo
    How to create a coffee house logo using Adobe Illustrator. Read the tutorial at tutsplus.com.

  15. Create an Environmentally Friendly Green Type Treatment


    green type treatment 
    This is an Illustrator tutorial for creating an environmentally friendly logo, with soil and leaves. Find the tutorial at Vectortuts.

  17. How to Create a Ribbon Logo Graphic


    ribbon styled graphic
    Spoon Graphics shows us step by step how to make a ribbon styled graphic using Adobe Illustrator.

  19. Designing a Euro 2008 Logo


    euro 2008 logo
    Photoshop tutorial for creating a cool logo of Euro 2008, which can be viewed at Eyes on Tutorials.

  21. Make a Nike Fire Logo


    nike fire logo

    Create an amazing Nike fire logo, using Photoshop. Find the full tutorial at abduzeedo.com.

  23. Cubist Raven logo design


    raven logo
    Learn how to create a raven logo in the cubist style, in Illustrator, courtesy of Spoon Graphics blog.

  25. Design Process of Brainstorm #9


    brainstorm9 logo
    abduzeedo.com gives a thorough walkthrough of the design process for their ingenious Brainstorm logo.

  27. Logo Design Process for Vivid Ways


    vividways logo tutorial 
    Design process and walkthrough of the Vivid Ways logo, in Adobe Illustrator. Find the walkthrough at Spoon Graphics blog.

  29. Trendy Retro Type


    trendy retro type
    Get full instructions for creating a trendy retro type, using Illustrator. Follow the tutorial at tutsplus.com.

  31. Design Process of Web Mynds


    web mynd logo
    David Pache takes us through his design process for Web Mynds. He uses Photoshop and the walkthrough can be found at Web Designer Wall.

  33. Making an Amazing Wordpress Logo


    wordpress logo tutorial 
    Tutorial for creating a logo just like the one Wordpress uses. Find this Adobe Photoshop tutorial at 3nhanced.com.

  35. Logo Reflection in Vector


    vector logo reflection
    How to do Web 2.0 logo reflection in vector format, using Illustrator. Since it is in vector format, the logo can easily be scaled larger. The full tutorial can be followed at bittbox.com.

  37. Make a Flash Logo


    macromedia flash logo
    Learn to make a logo just like Macromedia Flash using Adobe Photoshop at Adobe Tutorialz.

  39. Grunge Background Music Logo


    grunge music logo
    Walkthrough of how to make a grungy music themed logo using Photoshop. Read the tutorial at tutsplus.com.

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We hope you enjoyed this list of logo design tutorials. Are there any you have tried? If you have written your own logo design walkthrough, you are welcome to share a link to it in the comments.

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