Creative Spotlight - How to Get a Free Full Page Feature at Designpromotivate

This site is all about inspiring and featuring creative people, whether they be fine artists, writers, graphic designers, illustrators, crafters, web designers, tattoo artists, actors or any other creative genre.

To be featured here in a full page spotlight, please read this page thoroughly, answer the questions below, and submit it to us.

The spotlight at our sister site Artpromotivate is primarily meant for visual artists. But, for Designpromotivate, we have decided to open the doors widely, and accept all creative people. If you fit into one of the below categories, you can be spotlighted at Designpromotivate:


  • creativityVisual artists (This means those who have been featured at APM can be interviewed here as well)
  • Crafters
  • Website designer
  • Tattoo artist
  • Writer
  • Actors
  • Musicians
  • Graphic artists
  • Illustrators
  • Bloggers
  • Photographers
  • Etsy store owners
  • … and all other creative genres


What you will receive for your interview!

  1. A free full page permanent featured interview on Designpromotivate!
  2. A chance to be featured in other posts (ie. lists of artists). There is a chance that you may be featured at Artpromotivate also, as part of lists of creative people.
  3. A clickable, bolded link to your website, along with links to the social networks you include.
  4. Promotion of your article via our huge network of online followers, at Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Twitter and more.
  5. You retain all copyrights over artworks, and we always credit you in all posts by placing your name beside it. Also, your photos will never be posted anywhere else, except at DPM, APM and our online social profiles. The purpose of this will always be to help promote you!


Guidelines for the Creative Spotlight

  1. walt disney quote Be original! Duplicate content appearing at other places on the internet will not be published!

  2. Try to be thorough with at least some of the answers. One word answers will not be published.

  3. Be patient waiting for your interview to be published at DPM. You can contact us any time if you are wondering about the status of your interview.

  4. This is a free service, but in return we only ask two small favors. Please subscribe to this blog and also share this post via Facebook, or another social network. This will help us reach other creative people with this amazing opportunity.


Instructions for Creative Spotlight

  • Please answer all items in RED.
  • Other parts are optional.
  • Copy the interview questions in a new email message or Word document, and then answer them.
  • Email the document or email message to
  • Include a profile picture and 2-5 images of your creative projects or art. (not exceeding 200kb)
  • Please name all images with at least the title, so they can be easily identified.
  • For the email message subject, write your name followed by “DPM Spotlight
  • There are two options for our spotlight – either create an original article of at least 800 words or answer as many of the questions below as you can.

VERY IMPORTANT! Before sending, please save it in a safe place on your computer!





Where do you live?




Facebook page

Twitter profile

Other profiles

What type of creative person are you? (examples: artist, photographer, writer, musician, actor)

Favorite book(s)

Favorite movie(s)

Favorite music(s)

Favorite quote(s)

Favorite food(s)

Favorite color(s)

Can you suggest a title for the article?

Tell us about yourself, your background, and what you do.

How did you get started with… (art, music, writing, designing, etc.)?

Do you have any professional educational background?

Where do you work, and do you enjoy it?

Where do you find inspiration?

Please tell us about your influences.

What have you done to promote yourself on the internet?

If you have a website, how has that been going?

Can you recommend another creative person in your field to us?

Do you have any achievements or interesting stories you can tell us about?

Tell us something embarrassing that happened in your life.

What plans for the future do you have?

Can you share some parting advice to other creative people in your field?


mary lou cooks quote * Anything to add? If you have anything else you would like to talk about, please include it in this section.

* Is there any particular topic you would like us to write about?


* “(Optional) Will you give us permission to publish your images/ text elsewhere in special promotions of artists and creative people. (YES or NO) Examples would be Youtube slideshows and free ebooks displaying the works of artists and creative people. If you say YES, you will be fully credited as creator of the artwork(s).”


* If you have included artwork, photography, illustrations, etc., please describe each image and name them in this way: Artwork Name © Your Name


*Also, if you have Youtube videos of your own, you can include a link to one video, which may be included along with your interview.


Creative Spotlight Terms

  • Only subscribers of this blog will be featured. Please subscribe here. The subscription process will not be complete until clicking the verification link in the mail you receive. If you don’t receive it within a few minutes, please check your spam folder.
  • By sending us your photos, you give us permission to post them at Designpromotivate along with your interview. These may also be included  in list posts (like this one: 20 Abstract Paintings) You will always retain the copyright, and will always be fully credited wherever we post.
  • If you give us permission to do so, your images may be included in various other promotions, such as features at our Facebook page and Youtube videos. Each time, you will be fully credited as creator of the piece.
  • It will be to your benefit to announce the spotlight to your own online circle of friends.
  • The email address you include will ONLY be used to contact you regarding the spotlight feature. It will NEVER be shown to anyone!

  • Please help us feature others! To help us feature more creative people, please promote this page wherever you can.

Thank-you for being here, and we look forward to the honor of featuring and promoting you!


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