20 Design a Logo Tutorials Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Trying out different logo design guides is a great way to learn how to make a logo, in order to design one of your own. Luckily, many designers freely share their tutorials for creating one.


It is also one method of learning how to use Photoshop and Illustrator. The things you learn an be applied to many other design projects. 


I have collected some of the best logo tutorials from around the web for this collection. I hope you try some of these out, and they inspire you to create your own unique logo for your own branding.


This is part 2 of our series of tutorials for creating a logo. Find part one at this post: Logo Design Tutorials


  1. Create a Google Chrome logo

    make google chrome logo 
    Walkthrough of how to create a logo for Google Chrome. This Adobe Photoshop tutorial comes to us from www.adobetutorialz.com.

  3. Make a Volkswagen Logo

    volkswagen logo tutorial
    This tutorial uses Photoshop to create a simple logo of the car manufacturer Volkswagen. Find it at republicofcode.com.

  5. 3D Glossy Box Logo

    glossy box logo
    From tutorial9, we get this cool tutorial for creating a glossy box logo using Photoshop.

  7. Colorful Mac Logo Tutorial

    apple rainbow logo
    Design a mult-colored rainbow logo of Apple’s logo with Photoshop. Find the full walkthrough at adobetutorialz.com 

  9. Create a Skype Logo

    skype logo photoshop
    Photoshop instruction for creating a logo of Skype. Read it at: Adobe Tutorialz.

  11. Create a Green Apple Logo

    green apple logo
    Detailed walkthrough on how to make a green apple logo using Adobe Photoshop. Read the full tutorial at www.adobetutorialz.com.

  13. Crystal Styled Icon

    crystal logo design
    10steps.sg brings us this amazing tutorial for making a Crystal icon using Adobe Photoshop.

  15. An Amazing Spiderman Logo

    amazing spiderman logo
    For all you Spiderman fans. Use Photoshop to create your own Spiderman logo. The full walkthrough is found at www.adobetutorialz.com.

  17. Design Process of Purple Lemon Logo

    purple lemon logo design
    Chris Spooner of Spoon Graphics created this detailed Illustrator tutorial on his design process for the Purple Lemon Logo.

  19. Photoshop Tutorial of Firefish

    firefish logo photoshop
    How to make your own Firefish logo using Photoshop. Find detailed instruction at www.tutorial9.net.

  21. Presenting a Logo

    logotype tutorial
    Instruction by Deviantart member Nunosk8 on the presentation of logos, using Photoshop.

  23. Dry Icons Process of Creating a logo

    logo design process
    Detailed instruction on the entire design process of creation a logo, Using Adobe Illustrator. The full tutorial is found at dryicons.com.

  25. A Simple Origami Logo

    origami logo
    Learn how to create an origami logo using Adobe Photoshop. Go to www.zenelements.com to learn how to do this.

  27. Make an ATI logo

    make ati logo
    Process for duplicating the ATI logo in Adobe Photoshop. Find it here: Eyes on Tutorials

  29. Make a Sony Ericsson logo

    sony ericsson logo
    Learn how to create a logo from Sony Ericsson. Click here to learn how to do this with Photoshop… www.eyesontutorials.com.

  31. Vector Flame Logo

    flame logo
    Create a cool flame styled logo using Photoshop – adobetutorialz.com.

  33. Blue Laguna Logo

    blue laguna logo
    www.garysimon.net shows us how to create an amazing Blue Laguna logo using Photoshop.

  35. Planet 3D Logo

    planet logo
    How to create a planet logo with ribbons. Read the tutorial at Mopacity.com.

  37. Jelly Remake Logo

    jelly remake logo
    Instruction for making a Jelly Remake logo using Adobe Photoshop. Find the walkthrough at Tutorials20.com.

  39. Borne Legacy Logo

                     borne legacy logo
    Photoshop tutorial for making the Borne Legacy logo – Planet Photoshop.


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