20 Public Domain Photographs of Earth from Space

Earth is of course where we live and is the third planet from the sun. Looking at earth from space gives us a different perspective and makes our planet seem small. It is truly beautiful and spectacular to behold. Astronauts are privileged to be able to view the earth from space for themselves.


The earth appears like a giant marble, with blue parts (oceans) and swirls of white clouds. There are green, yellow and brown parts, which are land.


These images are public domain and copyright free, and come to us courtesy of NASA.  They are free to use as photo reference, and can be used in any design project. I will be sharing several series of free images in the upcoming weeks and months. Hopefully these will inspire you!


To download any image, first click it to open up the window with the full photograph. Windows users can right click and choose ‘Save as”. Return to this page by hitting the “back” icon on your browser.




earth photo from spaceSpectacular photo of the full earth from space. earth from spaceI love the swirls in the clouds in this one. Then again, I’ve always loved swirls, especially in my paintings!
blue earthPhoto of the blue oceans of the world. continent from spaceBlue ocean and a brown landmass makes this an attractive image of earth from space.
cyclone from spaceFrom space, a cyclone looks very beautiful.. but what’s going on below the clouds probably isn’t so pretty. earth behind sunI love this image of the earth, with a prominent shadow (day and night).
earth cloudsAnother photo of clouds over blue ocean. earth cyclone spaceThis is another attractive image of a cyclone swirl from space.
earth from moonThe earth, as it appears from the moon. earth from shuttleThe world as viewed from the space shuttle.
earth globeThe earth, viewed from space. earth image… And another :)
earth nasaBlue oceans of the world. full earth from spaceBeautiful photo of the full earth, with part encapsulated in darkness.
hurriane from spaceOne more image of a storm from space, maybe a hurricane. nasa photo of oceanPhoto taken by NASA.
satelite photoThe earth, as taken from the international space station. space earthAnother partial picture of earth.
space shuttle earthThis photograph was taken from one of the space shuttles. world imageThis is the last one. Thanks!

Photo credits: NASA


I hope you enjoyed this list of photographs of the earth. Share them at Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. if you desire.


Please let us know what you think in the comments.  Are there any other types of free photographs you would like to see here? Please let us know in the comments.


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