100 Web and Graphic Design Blog Topics

If you write regularly  for your web or graphic design blog, creating content on a consistent basis can be difficult – especially if you post something everyday. We all have certain things we would like to write about, but when these topics are covered, where do we go from there?

One thing I like to do is keep an ever-expanding list of ideas. I may not write on all of these, but this is always the first place I go if I’m stuck for ideas. Blogging topics come from all sorts of places – T.V., movies, other blogs, the news, questions people ask, etc.

One other bit of advice I’d like to share – don’t ever force yourself to write about something you have no interest. Such things make blogging a chore, when it should be an enjoyable experience. I have done this a few times, and every time the post takes much longer to write. These days I only blog on the things which are interesting to myself.

I have a similar list at Artpromotivate called 100 Art Blog Topics for all the blogging artists who are reading.

If you have any blog topic to add, please do so in the comments.

100 Topics for Design Blogs


  1. surreal design How you became a graphic designer or web designer.

  2. Lessons you have learned in designing.

  3. Free Social Icon Sets

  4. Your favorite design blogs and websites for inspiration.

  5. Lists of PSD Brushes.
  6. Process of a design.

  7. Your favorite designers.

  8. Interview other graphic designers for your blog.

  9. Best Gimp add-ons

  10. Review portfolio sites for designers.

  11. Designing project management.

  12. How much should new designers charge for projects?

  13. Blog about successes in your career.

  14. Current news in the world of designing.

  15. Your favorite online tools and resources for web designing or graphic design.

  16. Places you have travelled.

  17. Memories from college or high school.

  18. Favorite books about design.

  19. Logo design tutorials.

  20. psychedelic design How you organize your work space.

  21. Email newsletter designing.

  22. Places online to network with other designers.

  23. Promoting a design Facebook page.

  24. Web designing for mobile.

  25. Mistakes in web design and graphic design.

  26. When to get a new logo.

  27. Creating a business card design.

  28. Finding your audience.

  29. Give tutorials on how you created your website or blog.

  30. What to say to bad clients.

  31. Creating digital paintings.
  32. Web development.

  33. Have you ever had creative block, and how do you deal with it?

  34. How do designers make money?

  35. CSS and HTML for designing websites.

  36. Colors, fonts and typography.

  37. Give advice to new and aspiring designers.

  38. Post design tutorials.

  39. Creating a design portfolio.

  40. inspiration design How to get large businesses as clients.

  41. Is it a good idea to work for free?

  42. Tips for creating a name for a design business.

  43. Tutorial for creating a form.

  44. Write about starting a business in freelancing.

  45. How do you promote yourself online.

  46. Tips for time management.

  47. Creating logos in Illustrator.

  48. Tips for creating a logo.

  49. How to become successful as a designer.

  50. Talk about how you market your business offline.

  51. Photo effects.

  52. Talk about your process.

  53. Icon sets

  54. Design in movies.

  55. Guest blogging.

  56. Photoshop plugins

  57. Small business tips.

  58. Personal stories.

  59. Tutorials on Jquery.

  60. Amazing packaging designs.

  61. Free Ipad design Apps

  62. If you cannot find clients, what should you do?

  63. repulsion design Text effects.

  64. Jobs for designers

  65. Photo manipulation tutorials.

  66. Collaborating with other designers.

  67. How to get traffic to your website.

  68. How to write about design.

  69. Take a poll.

  70. Hold a contest.

  71. Making a Facebook cover photo.

  72. Daily sketches.

  73. Creating designs for iPod skins.

  74. Premium and free Wordpress themes for design.

  75. How to brand yourself on the web.

  76. Where to find clients.

  77. Content management systems for building websites.

  78. Tips for SEO of websites.

  79. Creating designs for t-shirts.

  80. Designing a blog.

  81. Creating an infographic.

  82. Photoshop tutorials.

  83. Iswirling designnDesign tutorials.

  84. Using Pinterest for designers.

  85. Booklet and Brochure design.

  86. Music that inspires designers.

  87. Feature illustrators and artists.

  88. How to create banners.

  89. HTML5 and CSS3

  90. How to talk to clients.

  91. Critique other designers.

  92. How to create a Wordpress theme.

  93. Video effects.

  94. Giveaways.

  95. Youtube video tutorials.

  96. When to outsource.

  97. Tutorial for creating a Twitter background.

  98. Responsive web design.

  99. Your goals.

  100. Your latest design.


Hopefully this list inspires a few blog posts.

Please consider sharing this list via your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. so that other design bloggers can benefit.

If you have any ideas to add, please do so in the comments.


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