30 Best Tips to Get Facebook Page Likes 2013

There are well over 40 million Facebook pages online right now. How does one make their Facebook page stand out and get noticed among so many? This is the question asked by many a FB page owner. Facebook has made so many changes, that many are waving their hands in frustration wondering what to do next. Changes in Facebook algorithm and the addition of Edgerank has caused many Facebook fans to seemingly disappear.

These people are actually still there, but they are not receiving statuses in new feeds. The Facebook Edgerank system makes sure that uninterested people do not see updates. Only people who comment, like statuses and share them get updates. They have shown a genuine interest in the page, which signifies to FB that they would like to see your stuff in newsfeeds.

The fact of the matter is that only genuinely active page owners will get likes for their pages. They have to post regularly, respond to fans and apply certain tips to getting likes for fan pages.

I know.. this is work - right? Yes it is, and it will require consistent, daily effort on your part. If you want likes you have to either work hard for it, or pay for it through Facebook ads.

Now that I’ve said it all pretty bluntly, I’ll share with you some tips for getting likes to your Facebook pages. If you have any others to share with us, please mention it in the comments.

  1. Post daily!

    facebookDormant pages just sit there and no one visits, unless someone accidentally stumbles upon it. You must schedule time and post regularly to get people to notice you. After some time, you will get certain fans who check your page regularly to see what’s going on.

  2. Create an attractive cover photo that gets noticed.

    Spend some time designing it. It should summarize what the page is about. Consider it similar to the header for your website. This is the first thing people see. It should be distinct and make people want to follow you and even revisit.

  3. Cross promote with other page owners

    Send a message to other page owners who have similar pages asking them to trade likes. You can also ask them to trade page recommendations on each others timeline.

  4. Use a profile image

    If you would like to brand yourself, use the same profile picture or logo you use at other profiles.

  5. Facebook URL

    Change the Facebook URL to something which people can easily remember. If it represents a website, use the website’s name. For example, the URL for this site’s Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/Designpromotivate.

  6. suggest to friends Use the suggest to Friends feature.

    With this you can bulk message your personal profile friends asking them to like your page. Try to make these personal to achieve an even better result.

  7. Place your Facebook page link in the signature area of emails

    Most email programs, such as Gmail, allow you to add a signature area. Include your Facebook url here. You can even consider having the logo for your FB page, and linking this.

  8. Include a Facebook like button at the beginning and end of blog posts.

    This will allow visitors to spread your content in two areas. If they miss it at the beginning, they may hit like at the end when finished reading. This coupled with a Facebook like box in your sidebar should result in people liking your page.

  9. Use the Build Audience tool

    facebook build audienceThis is found at the top of your Facebook page by clicking Build Audience. You can bulk invite up to 5000 contacts through a list of email services, or upload a contact list file from others. Services include Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail, Skype, Yahoo and more.

  10. Show your page as employer

    Notice that place on your Facebook Timeline where it mentions where you are employed? When you set this up, you are expected to enter the FB page for your place of employment.

    Why not enter your own Facebook page as your employer. This will be seen on your Timeline and below posts you share on your profile. This can be a great way to promote your Facebook page!

  11. ask for likes Ask for Likes

    This is obvious, but most overlook it. When you post on your blog, occasionally ask people to like your FB page.

    In Facebook posts ask people to share and like once in while. People often respond if you ask nicely.

  12. Use the Like Box

    Use this on your website and blog. A ideal placement would be in the sidebar. This displays a button where visitors can instantly like your Facebook page, and faces of some of your followers. This will be an incentive for people to follow you, so that they can get their faces displayed there.

  13. Use tagging in your posts

    When you tag someone else’s name, the status will appear on their Timeline. Use this sparingly, and only if you know the person.

    You can also use tagging to extend the reach of your posts. For example @design in a post will make that post appear on a page, along with every other post by anyone on Facebook who has used the tag - regardless of whether they are friends.

  14. facebook like Use the official Facebook comments plug-in.

    This will allow commenting on your blog or website. Each time a person comments, that comment is posted to their Timeline (that is, if they leave the box checked).

  15. Schedule posting at times of high traffic

    User Bufferapp or Hootsuite for this. Instead of posting everything at once, you can space them out to be posted, even when you are not online.


Next time, I will reveal 15 more ways you can get more likes for your Facebook fan page.

UPDATE: Find this post here: Ways to Get Likes for Facebook Pages 

Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, please subscribe and like us on Facebook. Also feel free to share additional tips for getting likes below.

If you have a Facebook page, you can post it below and tell us a little about what you do.


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