100 Amazing Blogger Tutorials for Adding Social Sharing Widgets to your Blog

Social sharing buttons and widgets are an important tool for getting ongoing traffic to a blog. Visitors should have some way of easily sharing content across the web.

We have compiled a list of 100 of the best Blogger tutorials for creating social sharing buttons. If you are a web designer, you should have no trouble applying any of these to Wordpress sites and other websites.

10 of those tutorials are below. Future posts will expand on this list, and links to them will be included in this post. This will include the BEST the web has to offer for Blogger users for social sharing widgets.

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If you have a Blogger tutorial you would like added to this list, please mention it in the comments.

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  1. Floating social Sharing Buttons

    Want a widget to display sliding social sharing buttons like the one we have on this blog? The widget moves with the page as you scroll, so that visitors will always have access to the social sharing icons. This tutorial includes Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and an Addthis button at the bottom for other social networks. Mohammed of MyBloggerTricks provides a very thorough, easy to follow tutorial.

    Sliding Social Sharing Widget

  2. Slide up N’ Go Social Sharing Widget

    This one from AllBlogTools has a cool effect of the icon sliding up to reveal a colored button along with the word GO.

    slide up social widget
  3. Metro Style Social Sharing Widget

    This sharing widget imitates the Windows 8 metro style, and has grid based icons.

    metro style social widget 
  4. Social media icons below Blogger post titles

    Mybloggertricks shares this awesome tutorial for adding social sharing buttons directly below post titles in Blogger. This tutorial features Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Stumbleupon widgets.

    social share buttons 

  5. Fancy Sharing Buttons to Blogger and Wordpress

    This one is similar to the Blogger tutorial above. I included this tutorial here because the post has a tutorial for Wordpress users as well. It also includes additional social icons, and has Digg, Tweet, Stumbleupon, Facebook Share, Facebook like, and Google+.

    social share widget

  6. Floating Social Bookmark

    This social icon set functions similar as the first one above. The main difference is that only social icons are included, and no follow counts. If you like this style, you can try it by clicking the image below to visit the tutorial.

    floating social bookmark

  7. RSS Subscribe Widget

    This is a cool box for your Blogger sidebar, including an email subscribe box for RSS, and social sharing icons for Facebook, Twitter, RSS and Pinterest.

    rss subscribe blogger widget 
  8. Fixed Social Media Sidebar for Blogger

    For this social widget, the icons are fixed on the side of the browser window. When your cursor hovers over an icon, the image expands to reveal a colored icon. This should undoubtedly help in getting followers at these social networks!

    fixed social media sidebar
  9. No Ordinary Social Sharing and Subscription Widget

    This widget includes many social sharing icons intended for placement at the end of blog posts. It has everything a blogger would need to help others connect on various social networks. At the top left is a subscribe box, with social networking buttons for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and RSS below it. To the right of this are buttons where followers can instantly like and follow the post. At the bottom lies the official Facebook page widget, formatted to fit this area.

    social subscription widget
  10. Dark Style RSS Subscription Widget for Blogger

    If you have a dark blog at Blogger, this could be the subscription widget for you. The widget should fit neatly into your sidebar. It includes a box for email subscribing, and icons for RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Google+.

    RSS subscription widget


If you know of a Blogger social icon widget which should be included in this series, please tell us about it in the comments. We may include it as part of this series of 100 social sharing widgets for Blogger.

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