Amazing Caricature Art Illustrations of Celebrities and Famous People

As a kid, I can remember looking at the caricatures in the local newspaper. Back then, I found them quite amusing. The caricature artist draws or paints a distorted portrait, and often emphasizes certain distinguishing characteristics – and places less emphasis on others. If the person has a big nose or chin, these characteristics in the drawing may be exaggerated. In drawing people in this way, they become even more recognizable. Some caricature artists even exaggerate the same facial features in every artwork they do. In this way, their caricatures have a consistency and unique style, and can be distinguished from others.

Celebrity caricatures have mostly been satirical, and for entertainment. In newspapers, they have been used for political satire, and making fun of politicians and events in the news. It’s not uncommon to see caricature artists at tourist attractions. For a fee, they can draw a quick caricature as a souvenir.

On the internet, caricature is very popular. People on Facebook and Pinterest love sharing them. I have found that Behance, a popular portfolio site for artists and designers, has many caricature artists. The ones featured here on this page have made their art available to us under a Creative Commons license.

I have spent a long time seeking out these amazing caricature artworks. If you like these, please leave a comment and give us a like, pin, Tweet, etc.

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  1. Leslie Nielsen – Rodney Pike

    Leslie Nielsen Rodney Pike
    Rodney Pike, 2010, Adobe Photoshop

  2. Pirates of the Caribbean - Alex Gallego

    Pirates of the caribbean
    Alex Gallego – 2011, Gimp

  3. Madonna Caricature - Luis Gaspardo

    madonna caricature 
    Luis Gaspardo – Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013 – Adobe Photoshop

  4. Larry King Caricature - Luis Demetrio Calvo

    larry king caricature

    Luis Demetrio Calvo, 2011, Adobe Photoshop

  5. Owen Wilson Caricature - Muhammed Saeed

    owen wilson caricature
    Muhammed Saeed 2012 - Cairo, Egypt, Adobe Photoshop

  6. Robert De Niro – Rodney Pike

    Robert De Niro Rodney Pike
    Rodney Pike, 2010, Adobe Photoshop

  7. Two and a Half Men – Charlie Sheen - Alex Gallego

    charlie sheen caricature
    Alex Gallego, Barcelona, Spain, Gimp

  8. Robert Pattinson Caricature - Luis Gaspardo

    robert pattinson caricature 
    Luis Gaspardo – Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013 – Adobe Photoshop

  9. Jimi Hendrix Caricature - Pol Serra

    jimi hendrix caricature 
    Pol Serra - Barcelona, Spain, 2012

  10. The Rolling Stones – Rodney Pike

    rolling stones rodney pike
    Rodney Pike, 2010, Adobe Photoshop

  11. Marilyn Monroe Caricature - Luis Gaspardo

    marilyn monroe caricature 
    Luis Gaspardo – Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013 – Adobe Photoshop

  12. Keith Richards - Mark Hammermeister

    kieth richards caricature
    Mark Hammermeister – 2010 “Digital painting of Rolling Stones Guitarist Keith Richards. Painted with Photoshop CS4”

  13. Rihanna - Alex Novoseltsev

    Rihanna caricature
    Alex Novoseltsev, 2013, Samara, Russia

  14. Will Smith Caricature - Bruno Mota

    will smith caricature
    Bruno Mota, 2012, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  15. Britney Spears Caricature - Luis Gaspardo

    britnet spears caricature
    Luis Gaspardo – Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013 – Adobe Photoshop

  16. Hugh Laurie – House - Caricature - Anthony Geoffroy

    caricature Anthony Geoffroy
    Anthony Geoffroy, 2013, Lyon, France, Adobe Photoshop

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