10 Freestyle Illustrations, Designs, Doodles and Contour Drawings for Inspiration

One of the things I have always love doing since my teenage years is doodling. My scribblers would be filled with doodles, designs and intricate drawings, especially during long boring classes. After high school, I did not give up doodling, but actually used it as the basis for large scale drawings and illustrations.

I have 10 of my contour drawings displayed below. All these were completed during a 5-6 week period. Each doodle was created using extra fine point permanent marker.

All drawings were done freehand and without any planning beforehand. I often begin with a general form, or idea, and go from there.

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inspiration contour drawing

Inspiration – By Graham Matthews – fine point marker on paper

With this contour drawing, I began with the starburst shape, with flowing lines spreading outward. From there, I created flowing lines and forms, imagining forms folding. Inspirations for this are waves, folds in cloth and the contour lines on a map.


coral flow organic drawing

Coral Flow – By Graham Matthews – marker on paper

Coral Flow is an organic drawing of shells, snails, seaweed and other things one often sees washed up on a beach. These are intermingled and flowing together in one fused image. This is an image I often see on the beaches of Newfoundland.


three fishes surreal drawing

Three Fishes – By Graham Matthews – Extra fine point marker on paper

The fishery has historically been a big part of the culture of Newfoundland. This image depicts three fish swimming through the water. A landscape with trees takes up part of the picture, while a hot sun shines down.


emergence obscurity drawing

Emergence from Obscurity – By Graham Matthews

This is an abstracted, freestyle design depicting emergence, and forms spreading outward.


ebb flow freestyle drawing

Ebb and Flow – By Graham Matthews – Fine point marker on paper

Ebb and Flow is another freestyle contour drawing I completed around the same time as Inspiration above. It depicts the chaos in the flowing of ocean waves and currents.


Brace for Impact – Graham Matthews – Extra fine point marker on paper

A long slinky form braces for impact from some sort of projectile.


tidal mosaic contour drawing 
Tidal Mosaic – By Graham Matthews

For this illustration, I thought of representing a mosaic pattern in a landscape. This was combined with my personal contour drawing style.


flaming dragon ink drawing

Flaming Dragon – Graham Matthews – Fine point marker on paper

A doodle of a flaming dragon in my usual freestyle drawing, contour style. I used a diversity of thick and thin lines to create this freestyle doodle.


dazed surreal drawing

Dazed – Freestyle drawing by Graham Matthews

This illustration is a chaotic representation of a dazed, warped face.


unity flow contour illustration

Unity Flow – Illustration by Graham Matthews – Extra fine point marker on paper

Unity Flow features intertwining forms amongst a chaotic background of flowing forms.


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  1. I liked these very much. It's amazing how lines and space can depict such depth and 3-dimensionality.

    1. Thanks Velvet. Yes, line is very powerful. I discovered this technique much by accident while doodling, and developed it over time.



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