Free Tribal Tattoo Designs for Inspiration

Tribal tattoos are one of the most common designs found in tattooing. The tradition of tribal tattooing go way back to tattoos of Indian, Hawaiian, Samoan and African tribes. Different tribal tattoos were unique to tribes and distinguished them from one another. Various symbols and even certain lines had their own meaning.

Modern tribal tattoos often do not have such meaning. Today, the tribal style has been used to represent dragons, eagles, birds, wings, crosses and just about anything else one can think of. The style is simplistic, often represented by bold, black curved  lines ending in a sharp point – often representing danger.

I have spent a long time searching for free tribal tattoo designs from Flickr to post here. Each of these images are made available under a Creative Commons attribution license. If you like these, please share this post at Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Tribal Dragon Head

    tribal dragon head 
    Photo credit: micaeltattoocc

    Upper arm tribal tattoo of a dragon, featuring bold dark lines.

  2. Tribal Extension Tattoo

    tribal extension tattoo 
    Photo credit: augrust - cc

    This tribal tattoo features spirals and a symmetrical design.

  3. Tribal Skull

    tribal skull
    Photo credit: (((o.kvlt))) - cc

    Skulls are commonly coupled with a tribal design. The tattoo looks even more menacing when a skull is included.

  4. Tribal Back Tattoo

    tribal back tattoo 
    Photo credit: Ultimaknight~ - cc

    This one is actually a sample tattoo design on a mannequin. It is a full upper back tattoo, with outspread wings and a cross in the center.

  5. Tribal Koi Tattoo

    tribal koi tattoo 
    Photo credit: micaeltattoo - cc

    Koi is a very popular design for tattooing. This one features a koi tattoo on an arm.

  6. Tribal Big Line

    tribal big line 
    Photo credit: augrust - cc

    Sometimes people choose to get tribal tattoos, such as this one, with big thick black lines.

  7. Tribal Upper Arm Tattoo

    tribal upper arm tattoo 
    Photo credit: ninjapoodles - cc

    Upper arm tribal tattoo.

  8. Tribal Eagle Wings

    tribal eagle wings 
    Photo credit: Alienswede - cc

    Arm tattoo featuring an eagle with outspread wings.

  9. Tribal Bull Head

    tribal bull 
    Photo credit: capnsponge - cc

    This is a partial tattoo showing a bull’s head and the number 75.

  10. Tribal Arm Sleeve

    tribal arm sleeve
    Photo credit: Tattoo Lover - cc

    Tattoo sleeves cover a full arm. This one has a tribal pattern, and vine like forms.


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