Free Vintage Photoshop Action Sets for Retro Style Photography

With Photoshop actions, one can record a sequence of commands. This saves much time for Photoshop users with not having to go through the same steps multiple times. All you have to do is press play, and all the steps are applied to a photograph.

One thing that is not so easy though, is weeding through all the free Photoshop actions online to find good ones. We have done some of that time consuming work for you in this post. Here you will find vintage actions to create an old, retro style effect. Please let us know what you think of them in the comments.

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How to install Photoshop Actions

To install your Photoshop actions, first download the file and unzip. Place the ATN file in the Photoshop folder or another of your choosing. Go to Windows – Actions in Photoshop to open the actions palette. Hit the icon in the top right corner of the palette, and select Load actions from the menu. Find it on your computer, then load. Hit play to apply to your photograph.


  1. Photoshop Vintage Red Action

    photoshop vintage action
    This PS action comes from Devianart user lieveheersbeestje, and is provided for free. The size is 555 kb and the download has an ATN file with a vintage red action.

  2. PS Action – Old Black and White

    old black and white

    PS Action is a Photoshop action from Lydia-distracted, simiulating the appearance of old black and white photography.

  3. Vintage 2 by Scott Metts

    vintage photography
    Photographer Scott Metts provides a handy free PS action. It provides basic skin tone changes in pink, blue and cyan. See the image above for the effect of each action.

  4. Vintage Feeling

    vintage feeling

    Vinatge Feeling is a Photoshop action set from Deviantart user BalintSamad, and contains five separate PS actions.

  5. Hand Colored Vintage Photo ATN

    vintage photo action
    This is a good PS action to use if you want the appearance of aging, cracking, discoloring, fading, bending and old paper. It is provided by Deviantart user mutato-nomine free for personal use.

  6. Retro Splash

    retro splash photoshop
    This retro action gives a retro effect and is made available for free by Deviantart user ModernActions.

  7. Magical Effect 4.2

    magical effect vintage

    sa-cool of Deviantart provides this free PS action set, and includes 3 different effects for Photoshop users.

  8. Vintage Photoshop Action Pack

    photoshop action pack

    Deviantart user saturn rings provides a series of 9 aged Photoshop actions in this PS action pack.

  9. Actions - Vintage

    actions vintage
    This Photoshop set from So-ghislaine contains 4 PS actions with an old black and white feel.

  10. Vintage Photoshop Action

    photoshop action vintage

    Vintage Photoshop action is a collection of 13 PSD actions for various retro effects on photographs. It comes free courtesy of SorrowfulSeptember.


These are some of the best Photoshop actions for creating a vintage and old effect on photographs around. Please let us know what you think about them in the comments. If you would like to see more posts here like this, please let us know.

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