Google Pagerank Update 2013 – When will it be?

The question on the mind of many people who own websites, and are interested in SEO, is “When will Google’s pagerank algorithm get updated this year?” If you do a search for Google pagerank update 2013, you will find links directing to many webmaster forums and articles on this subject. 

In case you are wondering, Google pagerank is the measurement system Google uses to measure how important a website is – it’s reputation on the web. According to Google, “Webpages with a higher PageRank are more likely to appear at the top of Google search results.” A Google with pagerank 0 has no importance while one with PR 10 is the most important. PR 10 websites are rare, and often held by sites such as Twitter and the U.S. government website.

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When will the next pagerank update be?

google pagerank updateYour guess is as good as mine. It could be tomorrow, next month, or even in 2014. In the past, Google has been consistently updating PR every 3 months.

Currently, Google’s pagerank hasn’t been refreshed since February 4, 2013. That’s over 6 months ago!

Many have been expecting one this month (August) but it hasn’t happened yet.



Should we as webmasters be concerned about a PR update?

website links Should we worry? My answer is partly NO. In fact, if you have a new website, Google knows your pagerank. It just has not been updated yet on the Google toolbar. This website has been released 3 months ago. The PR toolbar shows page rank 0, when in reality, it may actually be higher.

The ones who may be concerned are SEO companies, bloggers and website sellers. SEO companies seek a high PR to boost its reputation and sales. People who are interested in selling a website generally will be able to charge more for websites with a higher page rank.


As for bloggers, a high PR blog attracts the attention of advertisers, especially on advertising networks sites like Buy Sell Ads. Page rank is also something looked at by many writers who want to contribute guest posts. Many seek out blogs with PR of 2 and above.


What should webmasters do while waiting for the page rank update?

website trafficI see many visiting webmaster forums and posting about their concern. Instead of wasting time away visiting those sites, spend it creating quality content at your website - the kind that Google loves.

Google has been placing much more emphasis on ranking quality content higher in it’s search engine, as noted by their emphasis on the importance of author rank. Write about popular topics, and spend time formatting articles to make them easily readable.

This also helps Google scan website content efficiently. This will also help encourage high ranking sites to link to your website.


What are your thoughts?

When do you think the next pagerank update will occur in 2013?

Please comment below and let us know your concerns about the next Google PR update.

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  1. There are so many tools can check google pagerank, like the one i alway used:, it is free and fast. and it is not only can check PR, but also can check alexa rank, google index,yahoo index, yahoo inlinks and so on.

  2. I think Google should KEEP PR, but they should only count back links from sites that get over 20,000 hits every month. That would really cut down on the unnatural spam links that are unnaturally obtained or paid for. Google should see this comment and take note. If they also combined time spent on sites for credible links that would also be great!
    A recent article worth sharing on PR updating is below.
    It states that PR may be determined by the time spent on an outgoing link? Is this true?



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