Download 10 of the Best Photoshop Brush Sets on Deviantart

Free Photoshop brushes are bountiful on the internet. Just search on Google and you will find a myriad of websites offering their PSD brushes for free. This of course makes it a tedious effort to weed through all the poorly made brushes to find good quality ones.

Deviantart happens to be a good place to find high quality PSD brushes. Some users regularly create new ones, and give them away for free. Some of these can also be used with Gimp.

Here is a roundup of 10 amazing Photoshop brush sets found on Deviantart.

If you think we missed any here, please tell us about it in the comments.


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  1. The Royal Perambulator

    This PSD brush set includes 23 Photoshop brushes, featuring things with wheels - vintage items, such as tandem bicycles, baby carriages, coaches, penny farthing and cars.

    free photoshop brushes deviantart
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  2. Texture and Pattern Brushes

    Texture and Pattern Brushes is a collection of 18 PSD brushes from Deviantart user Kendrin. It includes useful Photoshop brushes, such as Cloud Sponge, Soot Stain, Scatter Dot, Furball, Tree Bark, Light on the Water, Scattered Shards, Chaos, Diffuser, Cross-Hatch, Hair Locks and more. These brushes can be used for commercial or personal purposes.

    texture and pattern brushes
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  3. 9 Text Brushes

    Text brushes are useful for inserting certain text on an image, and can be a real time saver if using the same text over multiple times. Included here are 9 text brushes for common words and sayings.

    photoshop text brushes
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  4. Cloud Brushes

    This is a cool set of 10 PSD brushes for creating clouds and cloud textures. This comes from Deviantart user JavierZhX.

    photoshop cloud brushes
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  5. 23 Free PSD Brushes – Watercolor Splashes and Pencil Strokes

    Marcianek from Deviantart shares a huge collection of hi-resolution PSD brushes. These are free for both commercial and personal uses.

    free psd brushes
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  6. My Brush Pack

    DanLuVisiArt shares his personal Photoshop Brush set. He says that these are the only PSD brushes he ever uses, and can achieve any effect by using this pack. Included here are painting brushes, lighting, detailing, texture, chalk, ink, cloud brushes, fur, pore, glass and more.

    photoshop brush set 
    Download File | More Details

  7. Light Beams and Rays Brushes

    Redheadstock shares his set of 26 high res PSD brushes of light beams and light rays. This includes a varied set of light effects, such as spotlight beams, lighthouse lights, sunbursts and more.

    light beams brushes
    Download File | More Details

  8. Skin Texture Brushes

    This is a series of 6 skin textured PSD brushes for achieving realistic skin tone and texture.  These brushes create pores, freckles, etc., and are great for enhancing digital portraits. These can even be used to create a realistic portrait from scratch.

    skin texture psd brushes
    Download File | More Details

  9. Crack Effect Brushes

    This is a cool Deviantart brush set from funerals0ng. The brushes can be used to produce neat cracked and aged effects.

    crack effect brushes
    Download File | More Details

  10. Smoke Photoshop Brushes

    From Deviantart user Falln-Stock comes a beautiful set of PSD brushes for creating realistic smoke textures.

    smoke photoshop brushes
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What do you think of these free Photoshop brushes from Devinatart?

Leave a comment and if you would like to see more at Designpromotivate, please let us know.

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