30 Ways to Get Likes for Facebook Fan Pages

Despite the concerns of many Facebook page owners, getting Facebook fans is relatively simple. It does require quite a chunk of time and work on your behalf though.

Don’t believe the people who tell you there is an easy way. Buying likes isn’t the answer, as I’ve heard that it has ruined many FB pages. Such services often are filled with fake accounts. You will receive an increased number on your like count, but engagement will fall.

There are many ways of promoting a FB page and achieving fans.

If you are looking to get likes for your Facebook fan page, look no further. We already shared 15 last time, and have 15 more hot tips for you!

If you missed this post, you can find it here: 30 Best Tips to Get Facebook Page Likes

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  1. facebook likes Promote your page in your email newsletter.

    You can send out a special email telling subscribers about your page. You can also include a Facebook page badge within every email you send out.

  2. Comment on blogs

    This is also a way to increase visitors to your own blog or website. In the website box, enter your Facebook page.

  3. Use the connect to Twitter service

    This way, all Facebook posts will automatically be cross posted to Twitter. These include a link to your FB page. When people visit, they may wind up liking your page.

  4. Post images often

    Upload an image at least once a day, and include a description along with it. It is well know that images attract more shares , likes and comments than standard statuses, especially if they are something people love sharing.

  5. Fans tagging themselves in images.

    You can get fans to tag themselves in any photos that includes a picture of them. The Jerry Springer page does this very effectively. They take photos of the audience, and ask fans to tag themselves. Each tag results in the image being posted to that person’s Timeline.

  6. Comment on other successful pages

    Be sure you are logged in as your page, so that people have a direct link. Try to comment on popular conversations, and make your posts interesting and engaging. In this way, people may be likely to visit to see what this page is all about. Avoid self-promotion though.

  7.  facebook groups Promote you page at Facebook Groups

    You have to be logged in as your profile to post at groups. But you can copy your FB page URL beforehand, and paste it into the status box. Wait for the link to automatically load the preview, then delete the link. A short description in the status box will also help.

  8. Facebook photos

    Include your Facebook page URL in the description box of all photos on your profile. This way, viewers will always have a way to visit.

  9. Link to your page from other profiles

    I have profiles on many social networks and online portfolios. Whenever the opportunity avails itself, I post the link to my FB page there. Some profiles you may consider are Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, Fine Art America, Redbubble, Etsy, and other places.

  10.  facebook pollUse polls

    Facebook polls are a way for people to engage in your page and pick one or more of a multiple choice. Depending on the question these are likely to be shared.

  11. Promote posts

    The promote posts feature, when available, will allow you to promote certain posts to friends of fans. This can result in likes and shares.

  12. Share other posts

    Find the most engaging content and post it to your page. Your fans will appreciate you for it and visit often. They are also more likely to comment, share and like these posts. Other page owners who own the posts may reciprocate by sharing yours.

  13. Post quotes on images

    You can find free backgrounds and popular quotes online. Take a look at our extensive list of creativity quotes. Transfer these to a background using Gimp or Photoshop. Include your Facebook page link as a watermark. Then, upload them to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    I find such images garnish many more shares and likes than normal text quotes, and are well worth the effort!

  14. Allow Facebook posting from anyone

    This will allow others to post at your page and open it up for more activity. Some people may visit regularly just to post. These people may end up sharing and liking other posts while there.

  15.  don't give upDon’t give up

    It can be easy to get discouraged if you do not see results right away. Building a page is very slow at first, but with more followers, the rate of growth should get faster.

    Keep engaging your audience and trying many of the tips I have mentioned.



Good luck with getting likes to your Facebook fan page!

If you have any other great tips to share, please do so in the comments. You are also welcome to mention your Facebook page below. When doing so, please tell us a little about yourself.

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  1. I`ve tried some of these methods and I was not successful at all, most of the time it was a problem finding popular groups in my niche... From what I see groups are dying out. But I may have failed to follow your 15th advice, I gave up to easily... I might give it another try, thanks!

    Sammy at Casion Traffic



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