Hot Web Design Trends and Changes for 2014

Every year the world of web design changes more and more. Technology brings about new advancements, and changing preferences of internet users inspires the trends in website design. One thing is for certain – things change so fast in this technological era, and web designers have to always be on their toes.

What is hot today may not be tomorrow. It is important for web designers to stay up to date with the hottest fads and trends in designing websites – so that their designs do not appear like old, rustic websites from a foregone era.

What are the trends site designers should bring to the forefront when designing? Where will web design bring us in 2014?

Here are some of the hot web design trends for 2014.

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Code free Design

code free websites The trend toward easier ways for designers to build and design websites has been in development since the dawn of the internet. Webydo has developed an online design studio where web designers can free themselves of the tedium of coding. This allows for increased efficiency and productivity. Designers familiar with Adobe Photoshop will feel right at home.

Web designers have been raving about Webydo in 2013 and will undoubtedly continue to in 2014. The growth of the product is influenced by the recommendations of a community of some of the top web designers in the industry.


Website Responsiveness

This has been one of the hottest web development trends in 2013, and will continue to be for 2014. Brought on by more and more people using mobile devices, websites now have to be capable of being viewed on a variety of screen sizes and resolutions. Some sites have a sizable number of mobile users, and benefit greatly from site responsiveness.

Designing responsive websites has presented many issues for web designers, who have invented new and ingenious ways of tackling the issue. No doubt, 2014 will bring even better and more efficient methods of tackling responsiveness in website design. One thing is certain – responsiveness will be an issue for a long time, as new technology is invented to browse websites.


Support Retina Displays

Retina displays are in Apple’s Macbook pro laptops, iPhone4 and iPad. Retina displays have a very high pixel density. Retina optimized websites have been high on the list of priorities for some web designers. It will undoubtedly become even more popular in 2014 when some of Apple’s other products have retina displays.


Simpler website design

Seems like everything old is new again. Just like fashion trends of the past return, old web design trends suddenly become popular again. Simple designs spawn from the average internet surfer’s need to have information at their fingertips. Sites need to be fast, and easy to read and understand in an instant. The smaller a website is viewed, (ie mobile devices) the more simplicity is a necessity.


web design trends


Flat web design

This is another trend related to simplicity. The basic idea is a flat design with no shadows or 3D elements. It is all about making full use of the full 2D screen. Windows 8 metro screen has been one of the primary influences of this growing trend. The design is characterized by saturated color, strong lines, minimalism, no shadows and creative use of typography.


What other web design trends do you think we will see in 2014. Please leave your comments below.


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  1. Hi Graham,
    I think another trend in 2014 will be SEO friendly multipage parallax scrolling websites with responsive web designe...

    Yeah it is a mouthful :)

    Let me know what you think

    1. Yes.. it certainly is a mouthful. I've seen a few of these websites, and think it is a trend to watch out for. Thanks Carla!

  2. I think that trends for 2014 are most likely continues trends from 2013, actually trends that are becoming standards.

  3. 2013 mainly adopted flat design, responsive/mobile design, use of HTML5/CSS3 tools and applications. No doubt that 2014 will cover all these again as because of great demand of these technologies.

  4. I think that we will see more visual simplicity this year in the form of block layout and flat design. We will also see more interactivity with more parallax websites and interactive infographics. We will also see more attention grabbing backgrounds with HTML video backgrounds and large image backgrounds.



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