Amazing Business Card Designs for Creative Inspiration

A unique business card design will set a company apart from competitors – and will help to brand that business in the eyes of customers. Business cards are still very popular, despite the emphasis on social networking promotions. A creative business card is memorable and unique, and will hopefully be something a person will be enticed to hold on to.

There are many talented business card designers on the web, and we are showcasing some of them in this article. If you like these amazing designs, please show your appreciation by tweeting or sharing on Facebook.

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  1. Steve Li Business Card

    “By taking the existing idea of recommendations as a key driver for his business, Steve Li encouraged his on-going customers to give him their business cards so that they could then be re-used as a physical sign of their recommendation. Each card would be punched with his details, and then passed on to potential new customers, showing that the business card's owner had received treatment by him, and that they endorsed his abilities.”

  2. RE Identity Business Cards

    business designs cards

  3. ESDA Rebranding

    ESDA rebranding 
    “After finishing my 3rd year in the Design School (ESDA), I decided that I had to make something to help developing the School and to make it a place to enjoy being at.”

  4. A+ Self-Branding Business Card

    business card design

  5. The Argonaut Hotel Business Card Design

    business cards
    “Identity work for a fictitious upscale San Francisco hotel inspired by the San Francisco gold rush. The logo was inspired by the sails of a ship  and the Golden Gate bridge, as well, the name "Argonaut"  is a reflection of what gold seekers were once known as.”

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  6. Quantum The Leap Business Card Design

    design business card
    “Quantum The Leap Superclub corporate branding project. The largest and the most happening club in Delhi makes way for ‘Quantum’- India’s first super club. Quantum is spread over an area of 18000 sq feet with three floors. Each floor has its own bar, having their own U.S.P, the place has an unimaginable space to accommodate 2500 guests.”

  7. Apex Branding Business Card

    gallery business card
    Apex Studio is a new graphic design studio set in Portugal, with the initial task of create its own identity. Well, Branding is about context, concept and the delivery of the whole graphic set in order to create a Brand as much it is about the experience that a company (or in this case, the studio) can provide to its audience. With this in mind, the initial idea was to create a logo that not only would represent the studio´s graphic style, but also give a little more insight on the studio´s mind of work”

  8. Pigmentpol Business Cards

    pigmentpol business cards
    “In collaboration with FELD studio for digital crafts, we created a new visual identity for PIGMENTPOL, a digital printing company with three subsidiaries in Germany. The new identity system embodies a variety of perspectives, experiences and possibilities while maintaining a coherent appearance. The chosen hexagon serves as a central key element, from which the generated logos and backgrounds are derived.”

  9. Refurbished Nature Business Cards

    refurbished nature business cards
    “Britzpetermann business cards 2013”

  10. F61 Work Room Business Card Design

    business cards design
    “F61 is the print studio in St. Petersburg. Here we love minimalism and analog types of printing, typography and the beauty of simple forms, natural materials and good paper, experiments and challenges.”


Please tell us what you think of these amazing business card designs in the comments below.

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