Websites with Free Printable Tattoo Designs and Flash

A tattoo is a lifetime commitment, and it would be wise to plan ahead if deciding to get one. Downloading and printing free tattoo flash will help decide if a certain tattoo is right for you. Get a preview of a tattoo on your body by tracing the stencil with transfer paper.

Tattoo designers and artists may also find them helpful in building a tattoo portfolio, or to have as reference and inspiration. This portfolio can be very handy to show to clients who haven’t decided on their design. Free tattooing stencils can be used as they are, or modified into an original tattoo artwork.

I have listed below a series of websites which offer free printable tattoo flash and designs.

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  1. Tattoos and Art

    koi fish tattoo
    Tattoos and Art has over 10,000 free tattoo designs for download and printing. Over 200 categories are here, including angel, butterfly, dragon tattoos, tribal, native american, animal and much more. To download and print tattoos, avoid the menu at the right, which is an advertisement. Instead, click on categories and find thumbnails of tattoo images at the base of each article.

  2. Just Free Tattoo Designs

    just free tattoo
    The tattooing section of Just Free has 72 categories of free tattoo flash and printable tattoo ideas. Find all sorts of tattoos, such as dragon, celtic, eagle, wolf, skull , cross and much more. To download a tattoo, first click on a thumbnail. Then, choose the file type (PNG or JPG) and click the green free download button.

  3. Free Tattoo Designs

    free tattoo designs
    The Free Tattoo Designs website offers plenty of articles, advice, tattoo flash and free printable tattoo designs. Find them in many categories, including tribal, maori, religious, Irish, Chinese, Tibetan, Egyptian, Japanese and more.

  4. Tattoosfx

    tattoo designs
    Tattoosfx has thousands of free tattooing designs all custom designed by one tattoo artist. Also find helpful articles and ideas for getting tattoos.

  5. Tattoo Job

    tribal tattoo designs
    Tattoo Job is a fun site to browse through. The thousands of tattoo designs are categorized and easy to find. Categories include heart, astrology, biker, cartoons, oriental, skull, fantasy, floral, flash and more.

  6. Tattoo Type

    tribal tattoos
    Find about 300 free tribal tattoo designs at Tattoo Type. These are only small thumbnails, but are great for inspiring your own tribal tattoo designs.

  7. Tattoo Canyon

    liberty star tattoo
    Tattoo Canyon has thousands of designs to rate, download and print. Use the left hand navigation to find categorized tattoos.


Do you know of any other websites with free printable tattoo art, flash and designs? Please tell us in the comment section below.

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