Best Free Tumblr Portfolio Themes for Photographers and Artists

The internet has become a great place for photographers and artists to showcase their creations. When most think of portfolio themed sites, Wordpress often comes to mind.

But what about Tumblr? On the surface, Tumblr is a microblogging platform. Users can post images, video, text, audio, quotes and more. The blogs are for the most part graphically based, and the reblog function brings a social aspect (similar to pinning to boards at Pinterest).

Tumblr is filled with customization options, and even the theme can be changed. Like Wordpress, a vast array of free portfolio themes have been created, available for photographers, artists, designers, and other creative people.

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How to Install Free Tumblr themes

  • To install these themes, first login to Tumblr. Go to Settings at the top (cog wheel icon). Find your blog in the left hand navigation. On the next page, near the Theme heading, click Customize. Hit the Edit HTML button.

  • Select all your code and paste it to a new notepad document. This will be your backup in case you decide you don’t like your new Tumblr theme. Then, delete all the HTML code.

  • Next, copy all the HTML code from your new portfolio template (may have to open it as a notepad document), then paste it into the Tumblr theme editor.

  • Now click Update Preview, then Appearance, and finally Save. Enjoy your new portfolio theme!

We have listed several free portfolio themes for Tumblr below.

  1. Tumblofolio

    tumblofolio tumblr theme 
    Tumblofolio is a free Tumblr portfolio theme created by Idraki.

    Some of the awesome features of this theme are:

    - blog responsiveness (for compatibility with mobile devices and different screen sizes)
    - photo slider
    - image preview with lightbox
    - social networking buttons
    - Slider included
    - Discus commenting system
    - Flickr widget

  2. Hasaportfolio

    Hasaportfolio is a grid based portfolio theme for Tumblr.

    This theme has these great features:

    - infinite scrolling
    - links can be added to the sidebar, such as email address, Facebook, Twitter, blog and more.
    - supports Tumblr post types photoset, video and photo

  3. Organ portfolio theme

     organ tumblr theme
    This theme will give your Tumblr portfolio an original look, and is inspired by organ pipes. Hover your cursor over a “pipe” to reveal a popup. Features include custom images, custom colors, localization, high resolution and tags.

  4. Star Aurora

    star aurora tumblr

    Star Aurora has a simple, grid based layout, and is the perfect theme for a photography or art portfolio. Features include search, localization, custom colors, infinite scrolling, custom images and all post types.

  5. Allegiance

    allegiance tumblr theme

    Allegiance is a free Tumblr theme by level82, and features a grid based layout. The layout is responsive, auto adjusting to different screen sizes. The main page includes like and reblog buttons on each post. The theme also supports links and images in the sidebar. Other features include infinite scroll, customizable post heights and customizable page alignment.


We hope these free portfolio themes from Tumblr are useful for you. If there is a free portfolio theme which we may have left out, please let us know by commenting below.

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