Best Google Web Fonts for Website Designers

Web designers have more options for fonts and typography than ever. A few years ago, fonts were severely limited. With the birth of web typography, namely Google web fonts, web designers have scores of new text to use in web design projects.

Google has over 600 free web fonts available for use anytime. These can be used in headings, paragraphs, navigation, and anywhere else on web pages. A word of caution though – don’t use too many on your pages. The result not only causes a dramatic reduction in load time, but will also leave pages looking very chaotic.

Selecting the right ones from this collection may be just a tad overwhelming. So, to make it easier for you, we have collected 10 of the best, and most popular fonts for the web, and listed them here for your convenience.

Please let us know your opinion on these, and tell us your favorite Google web font, even if it isn’t included in this list.

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  1. Open Sans Font

    open sans fontThis sans serif typeface was designed by Steve Matteson

  2. Oswald Google Font

    oswald google font “Oswald is a reworking of the classic style historically represented by the 'Alternate Gothic' sans serif typefaces… Oswald is designed to be used freely across the internet by web browsers on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.”

  3. Droid Sans Web Font

    droid sans font 
    This is also a sans serif typeface created by Steve Matteson.

  4. Roboto Google Font

    roboto google font 
  5. Lato Font

    lato font 
    Łukasz Dziedzic, a Warsaw-designer, created this san serif web font in 2010

  6. Open Sans Condensed

    open sans condensed Steve Matteson designed Open Sans Condensed.

  7. PT Sans

    PT sans 
    “PT Sans was developed for the project "Public Types of Russian Federation." The second family of the project, PT Serif, is also available.

    The fonts are released with a libre license and can be freely redistributed: The main aim of the project is to give possibility to the people of Russia to read and write in their native languages.”

  8. Droid Serif Font

    droid serif font 
  9. Ubuntu Google Font

    ubuntu google font 
  10. Source Sans Pro

    source sans pro 
    Paul D. Hunt designed this sans serif typeface, which happens to be the first open source typeface family from Adobe.


We hope you enjoyed this list of free Google web fonts. If you found this page helpful, please share it at Twitter and Facebook. As always, we sincerely tank-you for reading, and hope you will return again!

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