J M Farris Photography - Capturing Nature’s Essence

Julie Farris Scott – J M Farris Photography

Coastal GA, USA

Mediums: The Camera

Style: Nature/Wildlife Photography

Favorite Quotes: "Photography is really where my heart is. I love to be out in nature. I love to be out in intact places. I love to be in places where I cannot feel human civilization. That's where I'm happiest." - Michael Poliza

"Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have someone click the shutter." - Ansel Adams

Favorite Books: Too many good ones to have a favorite. Anything by James Lee Burke, Pat Conroy, Tim Dorsey, Carl Hiaasen, to name just a few.

Favorite Movie: Anything by Quintin Tarrentino. 


Bald Eagle  


I come from a family of artists but didn’t inherit their talent for drawing or painting. I found my niche in photography in high school but didn’t expand it into a fine art photography venture until just a few years ago. Moving to coastal GA & seeing the beauty & wildlife here has inspired me to capture as much of it as I can.


Art and Music

I don’t play music while I’m out in nature but when I’m doing any post processing, uploading to the websites, etc I’m usually playing the Allman Brothers, Blues Traveler, Derek Trucks Band, or something Classical.


Cotton mouth


Do you have a job other than Fine Art Photography?

I’ve been a computer programmer for many years & now do software support for a company that provides software to the court systems.


Is there anything you are trying to convey through your photographs?

I try to capture the beauty in nature, or fleeting moments that we don’t experience every day. I try to capture, not just the subject, but the feeling or essence of the moment.




Creative process

I always carry my camera with me. Coastal GA provides many beautiful photo ops so I do a lot of hiking in state or national parks, or local woods, parks & waterways. Sometimes I find photo ops in my own back yard.



Nature, an animal, flower, insect, etc that you don’t see every day, or something you do see every day but take for granted.


Pink White Azaleas



Have displayed my work at the Midway Art Gallery & festival.


Have you had any sales?

Most of my sales have been through my websites.


Egret Fish  


How do you promote your art online?

Through my websites & through Facebook & other social media.



It’s cliché but Ansel Adams was my first influence. Currently I love the work of Michael Poliza.


Arbor Reflections



My two sisters, Paula, who does watercolor and pen & ink, and my sister Jennifer, who designs & builds custom wedding card boxes, bird houses, & other home décor wood crafts.



Obtained 3rd place in the 2nd Annual Coastal GA Arbor Day Photography Contest, with my photo “Arbor Reflections”. Have traveled to Cozumel & Curacao, both on scuba diving trips.



What future plans do you have?

Hopefully to exhibit in more galleries & other “live” opportunities to exhibit.


Advice for Artists

Don’t ever give up & get your work out there any way you can. Find a website where you can have a portfolio, & if you’re a photographer, never leave the house without your camera.


J M Farris Photography - Capturing Nature’s Essence

Nature/Wildlife Photography

Website: JM Farris Photography | Twitter | Facebook | Zazzle


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