Webydo Review – How to Design Websites without Coding

Creating websites have traditionally been in the hands of two classes of people – the web designer and the web developer. The web designer is in charge of the design – handling graphics, typography and designing pages. The web developer, on the other hand, has the job of debugging and coding in HTML, CSS and other programming languages. Both jobs require entirely different mind sets – the designer being creative and the developer having a technical, scientific brain. But, in many cases, web designers are required to take on the role of the developer, and spend countless hours coding and debugging (something they often hate doing).

I know designers who have extensive knowledge of website coding, but avoid it at all costs. Many begin with predesigned templates, and simply change elements to suit the needs of the client. Then, there are others who outsource all these tasks to the web developer, so that they can focus on the thing they love to do – designing websites.

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For a long time designers have wished for a more efficient (and less costly) way of doing things – and it has finally arrived in Webydo!

Webydo actually takes the place of the web developer! I know that sounds like a strong statement, but hear me out, and you will understand.

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Review of Webydo

website coding With Webydo, designers can design multiple websites without having to deal with a single line of code. The entire creation process is done in Webydo’s own drag and drop CMS. The CMS is very easy to use and specifically designed with designers in mind.

I’ve had a chance to use it extensively, and can honestly say that creating websites with Webydo is a breeze. The layout and structure of the CMS sort of reminds me of Photoshop. Like Photoshop, it took me a while to find my way around, but once I used it for awhile, things became much easier. The great tutorial videos and knowledgebase helped out a lot, and I recommend those to all who decide to explore Webydo.

I thought it would be helpful if I mention some of the great features and future perks - so here they are:

  1. Organization and Efficiency

    webydo dashboard Web designers who work on several sites at a time, can handle all their websites from one dashboard. This makes working with clients much easier. There is no uploading files by ftp or using cPanel.

    Designers have several options with each website: email, adding a custom domain, setting up Google analytics and webmaster tools, creating a copy of the design, and much more.

  2. Two Versions of a Website

    webydo-logo Designers have two versions of a website – one the designer creates (with full control over all elements) and the other which is presented to clients (with certain design elements non-editable). The CMS the web designer shows to clients (where the client can enter their personal content) can be branded with the designer’s own logo. This adds a layer of trust and professionalism, instead of users having to log into a Webydo branded interface.

  3. Secure Websites

    Security is one of the most important aspects of any CMS, and should be one of the main concerns for designers. Webydo websites have regular, scheduled automatic backups, are constantly monitored - and are hosted on Webydo’s own reliable cloud hosting service.

  4. Site Responsiveness and Blog Capabilities

    responsive website These are two new features which have been announced, and are arriving very soon to Webydo. (I will update this page when they arrive!)

    Site responsiveness will allow creation of a website to be compatible with all mobile devices and browsers. Web developers know how difficult and tedious this can be, so this will certainly be a welcome addition.

    What is a website these days without a blog to accompany it? A frequently updated blog with good, original content helps in the ranking of websites. Webydo users will soon be able to create a blog from scratch using the Webydo CMS. This is great news!

    If you hold a vested interest in these features, why not begin experimenting with Webydo now. Learn how it all works by watching the tutorial videos. By the time you become familiar with everything, website responsiveness and blogging should be a part of Webydo!

  5. So much more… and more arriving!

    participate webydo There is so much more to Webydo than I have space to mention. I feel I have covered most of the main features, but you can learn more by visiting yourself, and creating a free website.

    If there are features you would like to see, click the Participate link and vote on things already mentioned or create your own recommendations.

    Get to know Webydo inside and out. If you decide to use Webydo in your design business, please do come back, and let us know.


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