Asad Farook - Sri Lankan Manga Artist on the Rise

Asad Farook

Illustrator/ Graphic Design student

Dehiwala, Sri Lanka

Mediums: Pencil / Digital

Style: Mix of Manga/Western.

Favorite Quote: “Happiness is the enemy. It weakens you. Suddenly you have something to lose” - RUSH

Favorite Books: The Edge Chronicles / Harry Potter


Teemo Discovers Baron

Teemo Discovers Baron – By Asad Farook


Hi my name is Asad Farook and I’m an amateur illustrator from Sri Lanka , influenced by Manga - Anime art.

I’ve been drawing for a long time, but only in 2012 did I first color my drawings. I was so inspired by Japanese artist Redjuice. I spent a few months learning how to color my drawings.

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What music do you listen to when creating?

Electronic and indie music.


Do you have a job in the day-time?

I’m a graphic design student. art would be my part time job.


Creative Process:

I usually scan a pencil sketch and then add colors on Photoshop / paint tool sai. I keep the dirty scratches and mistakes most of the time - I try to keep it as part of my style.


What inspires you?

Other artists, photography, media, music and especially crushes :)


Grownup Pikachu and Blastoise

Grownup Pikachu and Blastoise – By Asad Farook



None so far, but I had a TV interview and an article on the local papers.


Are you selling?

I have only sold to my friends so far. I hope to sell prints in the future.


Online Art Promotion

I post my drawings on Facebook, Deviantart, Tumblr. On Behance I seldom post my process on certain art that I like the most.


Can you recommend another admired artist?

Redjuice, Japan. I love his work so much. He was the true inspiration for me to get better.


Can you tell us about something interesting?

Well I once got called for a TV interview and I had a fever/cold right? I couldn’t afford to turn down an opportunity like that so I went ahead. I was freezing in the studios :D and it made me very uncomfortable to speak. But I managed.


one day in summer

One Day in Summer – By Asad Farook


If you could live your life over again, would there be anything you would do differently?

Change my school life. I think that would have helped me mature as a person - better.


Looking forward, what are your plans?

Well art will be a major part of my life, albeit part time. I hope to sell prints . Do illustrations for magazines books etc and influence my country with manga!


Do you have any good advice for other manga artists?

Well, all I can say is that if you want to be "good" you have to put effort and time. i have gone sleepless nights trying to finish art , just to see how it looks at the end. Push yourself, learn new things. ALWAYS DRAW. ALWAYS. Sketch , doodle anything - just keep drawing - even if they are stick men lol.


Asad Farook - Sri Lankan Manga Artist on the Rise

Dehiwala, Sri Lanka

Blog: Asad Farook | Twitter | Facebook | Behance | Deviantart


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