100 Blogger Widgets for Adding Social Share Buttons

Finding the right set of social share buttons will help give a professional flare to a blog. Try to match your blog’s style, and search for a Blogger widget which contains the main social networks.

Placement is also important. Normally, social share buttons should be in a prominent position – ideally right at the top of your sidebar. Visitors will have easy access, and not have to search for it, especially if your blog is filled with other widgets.

This is part 3 of our series of 100 Blogger social media widget tutorials. Find the first 20 in these posts:

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  1. Mashable Style Blogger Widget

    mashable social widget
    This is one amazing Blogger social media widget, provided by Way2Blogging! It includes all the social sharing elements Blogger users would expect, organized into one close knit container. Included is a Google+ follow badge, Facebook page like box, Google plus one button, Twitter follow button, email subscription box, and more. Follow the simple instructions to install it on your own Blogger blog.

  2. Advanced Social Media Widget

    social media widget Get a professional look for your Blogger sidebar by installing this Blogger social widget. Choose the icons you want displayed. It includes email subscription box, RSS subscribe, Facebook like, Google +1,  Twitter and much more.

  3. Floating Social Share Bar for Blogger

    floating social share bar This horizontal social share widget sits at the top of a Blogger post, but as you scroll down, it fixes at the top of the page, moving with the scrolling. The widget is non-intrusive, and visitors can instantly share a post anytime while scrolling. Included here are buttons for Digg, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

  4. Techcrunch Social Media Widget

    techcrunch subscribe widget
    Want a cool social sharing widget like the one Techcrunch uses?  This one has neat features, such as sprite images to make it fast loading and nofollow tags to assist with SEO. It also has icons for Linkedin, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Stumbleupon and RSS.

  5. Social Subscription Widget for Blogger

    social subscription blogger

    Way2Blogging provides instructions for installing their own social subscription widget, which includes RSS, email, Facebook, Twitter and newsletter signup form.

  6. All in One Social Buttons Widget

    all in one widget

    This cool social sharing buttons suite includes a large icon for subscribing by RSS right at the top center. A subscribe by email form sits at the bottom. Between lies icons for Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and RSS.

  7. Popout Facebook Like Box

    popout facebook like
    The Facebook popout like box sits either on the left or right of a web browser. When the cursor is hovered over the Facebook logo, the box slides out to reveal the like box. This widget has options for changing background color, screen position and badge color.

  8. Mashable Popup Subscribe Box

    mashable popup box
    The social sharing box is similar to the one above, but this one pops up when entering a blog for the first time. It works by jQuery and only loads the first time someone visits your Blogger blog.

  9. Gray Social Icons with Hover Effect

    gray social icons This is a series of gray social networking icons laid out in a horizontal fashion. When you hover over a particular icon, an animation occurs and the icon is changed to color. This widget also has support for AddtoAny, which allows sharing to many other social networks.

  10. 4 in 1 Blogger Slideout Widget

    slideout widget
    This widget works the same way as the Facebook popout  above. This tutorial describes how to add multiple popout boxes – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Feedburner subscription form.

Thank-you for visiting! Please leave a comment and let us know what you think of these social share button sets for Blogger.

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  2. I'd like to use the Add This tool like you have, but can't figure out how to make it include my Twitter handle. Tips?

  3. wow nice thank you i like this widget..



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