David Munroe - You Cannot Seek What You Cannot See - Between Reality and Abstraction

David Munroe   

Age  30

Glasgow Scotland

Favorite music: Rock/Indie

Favorite food: Greek food is my favourite.

Favorite color: My fave colors are emerald green and french ultramarine

I’m a Scottish abstract artist, mostly working in paintings though I have done some digital work in the past painting is my passion.

I’m really interested in trying to infuse unusual materials in paintings to discover unique and abstract images and I get really absorbed in the process of experimenting with techniques new to me.


Assylum David Munroe

"Assylum" By David Munroe

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How did you get started in art?

I was having a low point in my life with my health not being at its best and discovered that drawing and painting made me focus myself and that I enjoyed it more than I expected to. From there I built up a portfolio whilst attending college studying art and design. At that time I didn’t like painting. I was intimidated by color and scared of trying new things in case I made a mistake.

But with most creative processes its the experimenting that leads to some of the best results, and something inside clicked. Since then I’ve been painting constantly and can’t think of anything I would rather be doing with my life.



"Dissused" By David Munroe



I attended a local Glasgow college for 3 years studying art and design, painting, digital art and art history and became more and more passionate about it. I wanted to know as much as I could as quickly as I could so I would study in college and come home and keep going, or practice my painting and try to find what styles I liked and what suited me as a creative person. After a further 2 years of working full time on my arts I am just coming to the stage where I know the direction I want to take in my career. But its an ever-changing process as I discover more and more.



"Fabrication" By David Munroe


Where do you work?

I have a small studio set up at home at the moment which I love. It’s not the biggest space, so I am
currently searching for a suitable studio in the Glasgow area, but I love my work. I never want to stop painting and working on improving myself as an artist and a creative person.


Where do you find inspiration?

I’m very inspired by nature and the natural environment, especially patterns and materials that hold their own beauty but are usually overlooked in our day to day lives. I’m also interested in the process of erosion and decay on materials over time and when exposed to the elements such as metal that rusts into a beautifully orange abstract piece with time, or the deep green of moss on the side
of a building with its soft and unusual texture. To try to recreate these things on canvas appeals to me very much and taking inspiration from their natural beauty feels like I’m creating from our environment.


Factory Floor

"Factory Floor" By David Munroe


Please tell us about your influences.

I\m influenced by lots of different things, artists in past history, nature and its effect on our environment.

Influences and inspiration can spring up anywhere you just have to be open to it


What have you done to promote yourself on the internet?

What haven’t I done. I’m on all the major websites where I actively promote and interact with the people there to generate hype with my work. I’m constantly working on new promotions and ideas to stand out from the crowd, such as my make an offer promotion where I let the viewer choose a painting they want to own - and make any offer on it, as long as its a fair offer I accept, meaning they get to own a piece they love and I get the opportunity to have my work out there. It’s not about money, it’s about making it possible for everyone, regardless of financial position to own and love art.



"Hydrolics" By David Munroe


If you have a website, how has that been going?

My website is going good, I think. I am constantly updating and adding to it, tweaking it here and there to create the best look and feel for anyone visiting there. Recently added a blog to my site also which I have to say is a lot more fun than I thought it would be.


Can you recommend another creative person to us?

Someone I have followed creatively for some time is Shana Leslie Stern, Her work is vibrant, eye catching and just beautiful, she has a powerful creative mind and it shows in her unique work. She inspires me a lot.



"Faulty" By David Munroe


What plans for the future do you have?

I plan to keep on painting and creating, researching into new ideas and techniques to keep myself as
up to date as I can and to make sure I’m fulfilling my potential as an artist.


Do you have any interesting stories?

Not very interesting but apparently I talk about my art in my sleep sometimes. I guess that’s pretty embarrassing really – haha



"Shipwreck" By David Munroe


Can you share some parting advice to other creative people in your field?

Experiment with anything and everything.



David Munroe

http://www.davidmunroeart.com/ | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin | Youtube


Thank-you David!

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