Designing Websites without Knowing HTML, CSS and PHP Coding

[Webydo allows web designers to design websites and work with clients, without having to deal with the tedium of website coding.]

The debate on whether new web designers should learn coding has been raging for years now. There are two sides to this argument. One side says that all web designers should have knowledge of CSS, HTML and PHP, which would give them a technical advantage over competition. They say that designers should have knowledge of all steps of the web development process, essentially being able to do both graphic design and web development. Web designing schools and colleges have used this methodology in their curriculum, requiring students to take courses relevant to both web designers and developers.

On the opposing end, many say web designers should not need to know coding. Web development involves technical and mathematical knowledge, often not suited to those predisposed to creativity. They argue that web designers should outsource web development tasks, in order to increase efficiency.

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Personally, I stand in the middle of this argument. While I believe that web designers should know programming languages in order to understand how things work underneath, I do not think they should have to do the arduous tasks of coding. Web designers should either outsource or use an online web designing software such as Webydo. This can increase efficiency considerably, saving time and money.

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Webydo was created to help professional web designers design websites for clients. Designers can use a drag and drop interface to add website elements, and instantly see their designs in action.


Webydo CMS

The Webydo CMS allows complete control of a design. Design a website as you would in Photoshop, and have it converted to code in real time. Users can add shapes, images, text boxes, video, flash, galleries, sliders, forms, online stores, menus, and much more. Even create a blog by using the articles element.


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Webydo Dashboard

The Webydo dashboard has all the tools web designers would need for a web deign business. I will go over some of those here.

Bill Your Client - This means exactly what it says – web designers can bill clients directly from Webydo, without having to use other billing software.

Branding – Use your own logo, to brand your business. When a client logs into their personal CMS, they will see your logo, and not Webydo’s.

Share site Design – This allows sharing of designs with clients, so that they can add or change certain content.

Participate – Suggest and vote for features you want to see in Webydo.

Designers create as many websites as you want for free – Webydo does not require a monthly subscription option to use its services. Websites can be designed for free. Create as many designs you want, and only pay for the ones you upgrade. Hit Publish to publish a free site to Webydo’s subdomain, ideal for review by clients before the final design.

Webydo hosting – With Webydo hosting, your clients get their own domain, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited pages and 2GB of storage.

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