Best Free Flat Social Icon Sets for Web Designing

Whatever your take on flat web design, there is no detracting from its prominence in website design in the past year. Google, Windows and Apple ios 7 have switched to a flat design, in response to the need for cleaner design when icons are viewed at higher resolutions and smaller screen sizes. 

Included in this article are some of the best free flat social networking icon sets available on the web – for sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube and more. Talented graphic designers have graciously provided these resources free of cost, and in many cases these can even be used in commercial projects.

To find the best icons, we had to browse across multiple websites. The result is a marvelous collection of free flat social icons which should suit the purpose of any web designer.

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  1. Metro Flat Social Icons Set

    metro social icons

    This amazing free UI social icons set from Deviantart user dAKirby309 contains an enormous collection of 700 512x512 icons, in the metro style of the ones in Windows 8.

  2. Free Flat Social Media Icons

    flat social media icons

    This set of 35 free social media icons (png and psd) from Designmodo can be used in both non-commercial and commercial web design projects. Included here are icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, Blogger, Digg, Deviantart, Stumbleupon, Youtube, Skype, RSS and much more.

  3. Light Icon Pack

    light social icons
    Get this beautiful set of free social icons from Deviantart user Martz90. This set includes 100 icons in png format in a variety of resolutions.

  4. Free Hex Social Icon Set

    hex social icons
    This free hex set from Deviantart user Martz90 contains 170 icons of all types, with an additional 45 games icons.

  5. Free Circle Flat Social Icons Set

    circle social icons
    This free circles social network icon set, provided free by Deviantart user Martz90, contains 150 plus icons, of different sizes, in png format.

  6. Free Minimalist Flat Social Icons

    minimalist flat icons

    Behance user Jorge Calvo García provides this huge set of free circle and square social icons in EPS format.

  7. Free Colorful Social Icon Set

    colorful icons
    Thanks go out to Dribbble user Michael Dolejš for providing this beautiful free flat social icon set.

  8. Cosmo Mini Free

    cosmo mini free
    Check out this incredible free icon set from It includes an astounding collection of 1262 40x40 mini flat icons in png format! Use them in any type of project, whether non-commercial or commercial.

  9. Publicons Icons

    Get this growing collection of free public social and platform icons by Joshua Sortino.

  10. MMII Flat Icons Set Vol 2

    flat icons set
    Get this cool set of lat social media icons from Deviantart user stalker018. The set includes 32 icons, all at 144x144 px.

If you want to see more social icon sets of different varieties, please let us know in the comments below. Thank-you very much for reading!

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  1. Great collection of beautiful social media icons.
    Just in time for my redesigned blog.



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