Kasia Pawlak - Colorful and Vibrant Paintings in Acrylic and Oil

In this creative spotlight, we feature Polish artist Kasia Pawlak. We feel honored to showcase her amazing talent here at Designpromotivate. If interested in seeing more of her artworks, please visit her website at the end of this article.

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Kasia Pawlak

I am a Polish self-taught artist based in Singapore. I create colorful and vibrant paintings in acrylic and oil. The process is spontaneous.When I start to paint, I never know how my paintings will look like at the end. I hope you can feel all the good vibes I put in them.

I believe that each of my paintings speaks to the viewers of their own imagination and experience. When I paint and the process of creation begins I feel that I am painting for someone who needs exactly what I am making at that moment.”


  1. Delicious Sunset - painting by Kasia Pawlak

    Kasia Palwak Delicious Sunset
    "Delicious Sunset", acrylic on canvas, painting by Kasia Pawlak, 92x92m, vibrant and colorful

  2. Dance – abstract art by Kasia Pawlak

    Kasia Pawlak Dance
    "Dance", acrylic on canvas, Kasia Pawlak, 92x92cm, very positive and vibrant

  3. Forever - painting by Kasia Pawlak

    Kasia Pawlak Forever
    "Forever", acrylic on canvas, Kasia Pawlak, 102x76cm, my first cosmos painting, calming and deep. You can look at it for a long time and you will always find a little something. It is sold to Europe.

  4. I love you – abstract painting by Kasia Pawlak

    Kasia Pawlak I Love You
    "I love you", acrylic on canvas, Kasia Pawlak, 76x76cm, positive, colorful and vibrant, sold

  5. My City - art by Kasia Pawlak

    Kasia Pawlak My City
    "My City", acrylic and mixed media on canvas, Kasia Pawlak, 102x77cm, cityscape, vibrant, colorful, textured painting.

  6. Tokyo Vibes - painting by Kasia Pawlak

    Kasia Pawlak Tokyo Vibes
    "Tokyo Vibes", acrylic on canvas, Kasia Pawlak. 102x77cm, vibrant and colorful cityscape

  7. Tonight - artwork by Kasia Pawlak

    Kasia Pawlak Tonight
    "Tonight", acrylic on canvas, Kasia Pawlak. 102x77cm, colorful portrait

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Visit Kasia at her website: Art by Kasia Pawlak

Kasia can also be followed at her Facebook page here: Kasia Pawlak at Facebook

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  1. Beautiful Artworks of Kasia!!

    Take a look at this post of the artwork "Seduced" of Kasia Pawlak at Facebook fan page Obras de Arte from Brazil: https://www.facebook.com/obrasdarte/posts/10200354673189512

    Also, an interesting article about art history that the website just wrote: http://www.obrasdarte.com/historia-da-arte/

    Thanks and Best Regards!!



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