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Light painting has become increasingly popular, especially with the advancement of digital SLR cameras. Photography with light involves the use of one or more moving light sources. The camera is often set on a tripod at night or in a dark room, and set to a specific time interval – anywhere from 30 seconds to minutes.

The photographer then draws or writes with light in the viewing range of the camera. A light source can be anything which emits light, such as colored glow sticks and small flashlights.

Some talented photographers have taken the medium to new heights. Check out the amazing light paintings below, by photographers Tom Simpson, Greg Harding, Michael Rammell and more.

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  1. Tom Simpson – Visual Blizzard – Light Painting

    light painting photography
    A Carnival Blastoff!Tom Simpson – Detroit, Michigan

  2. Courants – BSL Basic Space Lighting

    light space writing
    Courants - BSL Basic Space Lighting - Montpellier, France

    light writing
    Courants - BSL Basic Space Lighting - Montpellier, France

  3. Light Painting – Greg Harding

    light painting
    Anechoic ChamberGreg Harding – Canon Eos 5D Mark 2

    painting by light
    Reverberation ChamberGreg Harding – Canon Eos 5D Mark 2

    ”This photography project was an experiment to emulate the qualities of sound using light.

    Sound chambers (Anechoic & Reverberation) are very challenging environments. These square spaces are used to make highly accurate measurements of sound. The challenge was to produce highly visual, creative images from poor interior lighting and monotone colour walls.

    I chose to paint (with light) the interior spaces to add colour and drama to the internal space. Using different light sources I attempted to recreate the effect of sound waves hanging and moving in the air.

    Smooth, clean and bold waves were produced in the Anechoic chamber and hard sharp light waves were used in the Reverberation chamber to emulate the sound qualities in each room.

    More details including background video and information can be found on my website.”

  4. Q'bot Q'botcenko – Light Photography

    photography light
    Q'bot Q'botcenko – Hel Poland
  5. Victor Dam - Light Painting

    light photography
    Light painting photography by Victor Dam created with a Canon EOS 6D with a shutter speed of 30 seconds.
  6. Michael Rammell – The Sunrise that Never Came

    painting with light
    Painting with light photograph by Michael Rammell, using a Canon 7D and a shutter speed of 90 seconds.

    ”I've done light orbs before and have put a little kit together including LED lights and shoe laces and bits and pieces, but didn't expect to so any light painting so i'd left that all at home. So, on the spot, in the snow I had to make a light painting tool: I took the camera strap off my spare camera and tied that the the strap on the torch and began to swing.

    I was fairly pleased with the results actually. The LED lights I have actually give off a dotted-line effect instead of the continuous light you see here. I guess it's just not as bright.”

  7. Light Painting Columbia - César Nigrinis

    César Nigrinis, Bogota, Colombia

    light spray
    César Nigrinis, Bogota, Colombia


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