Stunning Photorealism and Hyper-Realistic Pencil Portrait Drawings

Personally, I stare in awe when I see some of the stunning hyper-realism and photo-realistic pencil drawings some portrait artists create. I’m completed countless portrait drawings in graphite myself, but mine aren’t even close to as detailed. I don’t have as much time to devote to a single project as some artists, which is why I can appreciate the level of dedication for an exact likeness.

Some may be wondering – what’s the difference between hyperrealism and photorealism? The answer deals with the photograph(s) used as reference. Photo realists either make an exact copy of a photograph, or make very effort to imitate the look of a photograph. Hyper realists, on the other hand, strive to create an artwork which appears more real than a single photograph. Some artists even use several photographs (with different exposures) of the same subject to add details not found in a single photograph.

Now that this is explained, take a look at some examples of some amazing realistic pencil portrait drawing, from Franco Clun, Kristy Griggs and more. Please show your appreciation for the talented artists by sharing this post!

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  1. Franco Clun – Girl with Straw Portrait Drawing

    Franco Clun
    Photorealistic pencil drawing by Italian artist Franco Clun. Find Franco Clun at Deviantart and Where Cool Things Happen.

  2. Kristy Griggs – Fire in Her Eyes

    kristy griggs hyperrealism
    By Kristy Griggs

    “Kristy Griggs (1984) is a graphite artist and illustrator living in Sydney, Australia. She was born and raised in rural North Queensland where family homes are separated by cane fields and cattle paddocks. Drawing was one of her regular activities and required none of the matriarchal persuasion that practicing the piano did.

    Kristy has since won a number of awards and commendations at both local and national levels. She is currently a freelancer and creates artwork in a range of styles, from hyperrealism to book illustration.”
  3. Boy Photorealism Pencil Portrait Drawing – Franco Clun

    boy pencil portrait drawing
    Photorealistic pencil drawing of a boy by Italian artist Franco Clun. Visit Franco Clun at Deviantart and Where Cool Things Happen.

  4. Łukasz Koniuszy - Hyperrealism Portrait Drawing

    hyperrealism portrait 

    El Viejecito, 35x43cm - Made with pencils: 2B-9B. – By Łukasz Koniuszy

  5. Tepid Distortions – Kristy Griggs

    tepid distortions kristy griggs
    Tepid Distortions by Kristy Griggs, 2011

  6. Franco Clun – Ray Bradbury Glasses Drawing

    grandpa glasses drawing
    Photorealistic pencil drawing of Ray Bradbury holding his glasses by Italian artist Franco Clun. Find more incredible drawings by Franco Clun at Deviantart and Where Cool Things Happen.

  7. Jono Dry – Touch of God

    jono dry touch of god
    By Jono Dry

    ”I enjoyed drawing this piece I drew it with the intention of representing the fragile relationship between man and nature and even man and god. felt allot more of the symbolism was quite a coincidence after the drawing.”

  8. Gregory House Photo-Realism Pencil Drawing – Franco Clun

    gregory house pencil drawing
    Photorealistic pencil drawing of Gregory House by Italian artist Franco Clun. Find more stunning portrait drawings by Franco Clun at Deviantart and Where Cool Things Happen.

We hope you enjoyed this extraordinary hyper-realistic and photo realistic portrait drawings. If you are an artist, illustrator, photographer, designer, etc.,  you are welcome to submit works to be featured in future posts.

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