Stylish PNG and Vector RSS Feed Icons for Free Download

RSS feeds are a very important part of a blog, both to attract a strong readership and to keep these subscribers entertained through subsequent posts. Without a well designed, professional looking RSS feed icon, readers will be less inclined to signup for a blog feed. The RSS feed icon should be one of the most readily apparent icons on a blog. Ideal placement would of course be at the top, either in the header or top sidebar.

We have searched for the best free RSS feed icons we could find. These are provided by generous graphic designers who have spent their valuable time creating them. These are often available in a range of colors, sizes and formats. If you are not satisfied with the look of the PNG files, vector formats are sometimes provided (EPS and AI).

Please let us know what you think of these in the comment section at the end of this post.

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  1. 345 Free RSS Icons

    free rss icons
    This amazing set includes 345 free RSS feed icons, available in 4 forms – grunge, circular, marco and normal. These are in a range of sizes and are in PNG format. Download for free here.

  2. Glossy 3D RSS Icons

    glossy 3d rss
    This set includes 4 RSS feed icons in different colors, provided free by Deviantart user nam0.

  3. Hat RSS Feed Icon

     hats rss icons 
    Hats RSS icon set provided for free by Deviantart user LoafNinja. Download for free here.

  4. RSS Icons Orbs Version 2

    RSS icons orbs
    Download this free RSS icons set from Deviantart user nam0.

  5. Christmas RSS Icons

    christmas rss icons 
    12 free Christmas RSS icons available with white background, transparent background and black background. Download here.

  6. Free RSS Shirt Icons

    rss shirt icons Provided for free by Deviantart user neoworxspace.

  7. StylishLabs Free RSS Icons

    stylish RSS icons
    Stylish Labs provides this free RSS button set, in .ai and .eps files. Free download here.

  8. Round RSS Textures

    round rss textures
    A set of 16 textured RSS icons, given freely by Deviantart user gojol23.

  9. Free Glass RSS Icons

    glass rss icons Huge set of 213 free RSS icons in various sizes, colors and formats. The entire set is included in both reflection and regular formats. EPS and AI files are included. Download for free here.

  10. Free Smashing Magazine RSS Icons

    smashing magazine icons
    This free set includes a total of 8 designed RSS icons (coffee cup, light bulb, movie screen, newspaper and more) in a range of sizes, from 16x16 px to 512x512 px. Download it here.

  11. Standard RSS Icons Bundle

    standard rss icons
    Available here is a set of 2 standard RSS feed icons, 28x28 px and 14x14px. Also available is the Photoshop palette color pack, containing 50 RSS icons based on Photoshop’s default color palette, and the developer kit (12x12 to 128x128 RSS feed icons in various formats, including AI, PDF, PNG, EPS, SVG, PSD, JPG, GIF). Download here.

  12. Circle RSS Feeds Icons

    circle feed icons
    This package contains 4 different colored RSS feed icons and is available for both Windows and Mac. Download.

  13. RSS News Icons

    RSS news icons
    This is a free set of RSS news icons from Deviantart user skingcito.

  14. Grunge RSS Banners

    grunge rss banners 
    This is a free grunge banner set for a RSS feed. Download for free here.

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Please let us know what you think of these free RSS feed icon sets in the comments below. Thank-you!


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