Most Amazing Portrait Photography using Photo Manipulation

Here are some amazing portrait photographs using photo manipulation, created from software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. These come from the talented photographers Alberto Seveso, Pete Harrison, Cesar Bertazzo, Alessandro Petrocco, Christopher Hitchens, Justin Van Genderen and Ulric Collette.

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  1. Ice Cube Portrait- Photo Manipulation - Alberto Seveso

    ice cube portrait
    Alberto Seveso, Factory 311

  2. Photo Manipulation Portrait - Alberto Seveso

    photo manipulation portrait
    Alberto Seveso, Portoscuso, Italy - Fotolia Ten Collection II illustration

  3. Beauty Obsolete - Pete Harrison

    beauty portrait
    Pete Harrison, UK

  4. Beibeees - Alberto Seveso Photo Manipulation Portrait

    photo portrait manipulation
    Alberto Seveso – Adobe Photoshop

  5. Maintenance - Cesar Bertazzo

    maintenance portrait
    Cesar Bertazzo, Madrid, Spain

  6. Technicolor Portrait - Alberto Seveso

    technicolor portrait
    By Alberto Seveso, Yuri Hahhalev. “illustration for the launch of the Centre of Research & Innovation in Rennes France”

  7. Watery Collection – Alessandro Petrocco

    watery photo manipulation

    Alessandro Petrocco - Rome, Italy

  8. Runner - Alberto Seveso

    runner alberto seveso 
    Alberto Seveso - Italy

  9. Ayaka – Beautiful - Alberto Seveso

    ayaka beautiful
    Alberto Seveso – artwork for Ayaka’s Beautiful CD/ DVD cover.

  10. Photo Manipulation Illustration - Christopher Hitchens

    photo manipulation illustration 
    Robert Palmer – Paris, France

  11. Sections – Justin Van Genderen

    Justin Van Genderen, Chicago, USA

  12. Genetic Portraits - Ulric Collette

    genetic portraits
    Ulric Collette, Quebec, Canada - “A photographic research exploring the similarities between different members of the same family”


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