Amazing Video Game Design Concept Art Inspiration

A concept artist for video games is in charge of giving a visual representation of ideas, environments, characters, weapons and more. The concept artist either works with traditional media or graphic software to create these illustrations, paintings and designs. They are often in charge of creating original sketches and designs, and may even work with the video game design team throughout the entire game design process. For example, the art director may describe a scene, then concept artist will interpret that scene visually.

Included here are striking illustrations and concepts from talented conceptual artists for video games. If you are an aspiring video game designer, hopefully these will inspire you.

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  1. Nicholas Schumaker - Video Game Concept Art

    video game concept art
    Nicholas Schumaker - Detroit, MI, USA - Website

    Nicholas Schumaker is a conceptual artist for movies and video games, and has worked as a 2D art intern for Insominiac Games.

    mongolian warrior culture redesign

    ”A futuristic redesign of the most powerful warrior cultures within known history set in a video game concept art realm. The environments, characters, and props are all developed for a gladiatorial competition set in the future taking advantage of each cultures distinct abilities and traits.”

  2. City Mood Concept - Bo Blond Daugaard

    video game city concept
    Bo Blond Daugaard - Copenhagen, Denmark

    Bo Blond Daugaard is a video game concept designer with Zaxisgames in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  3. Richard Merrick – Velocity for PS Mini

    velocity playstation
    Richard Merrick - London, United Kingdom

    Richard Merrick shares cut scenes and concept art for his work on Velocity, a video game for Playstation mini.

  4. Fallout Tactics Concept Art - Tariq Raheem

    fallout tactics concept art
    Tariq Raheem - Burbank, CA, USA

    “In 1999 I joined Mcroforte, a Sydney based games company, who was given the mantle of carrying on the famous 'FALLOUT'  franchise . They were to develop 'FALLOUT TACTICS', a tactical multiplayer real time strategy RPG.

    My duties were as lead concept artist and produced all character design, concept art, story boards, game art and all finished art for advertising.”

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  5. Rift – Colossus Concept Art - Elise Martinson

    rift concept art
    Elise Martinson - Melbourne, Australia

    ”An entry to an online competition in which the challenge was to design a large colossal creature for the online game RIFT. RIFT is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) in which rifts open up in the world unleashing monsters into the zone, followed by the biggest and meanest of them all, the colossus.  This life colossus concept was inspired by the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis fungus, an unpleasant fungus that 'mind-controls' ants by infecting their brains. The large, once gentle reptile became victim to such a fungus and is now driven into a senseless rage.”

  6. Anthony Devine – Video Game Design

    video game design
    Anthony Devine - Stirling, United Kingdom

    Anthony Devine is a freelance illustrator and concept artist.

  7. Dmitry Popov – Planewars Concept Art

    planewars concept art
    Dmitry Popov - Sapporo, Japan

    scifi concept art 
    Concept art for Planewars, an online video game project.


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