Advantages of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has been one of the most popular designer topics of the past year. This post discusses some of the advantages, but first you may be wondering…

What is responsive website design?

responsive website Responsive design ensures a website can be optimally viewed in various screen sizes. With the popularity of mobile devices such as iPods, iPads, smartphones and tablets, compatibility with these devices is a must.

Instead of having several websites for different devices (with different resolutions), it is more economical (and less confusing to the user) to have one website capable of adjusting to different screen sizes on the fly.

There are of course many other advantages of responsive design, and these are discussed below.

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  1. Increase your audience

    Tablet sales have been skyrocketing, and many more web users are accessing websites through mobile devices. Increase of WIFI hotspots and access to internet through smartphones are contributing to the rise in mobile use. There is no doubt that this trend will continue for 2014 and websites without responsiveness will be left behind. Some websites report receiving 20%-40% additional traffic from mobile devices!

    Site responsiveness is one of the trends we mentioned in this article: Web Design Trends 2014

  2. Better experience for the user

    Can you imagine the impression given if a user who frequently visits your site, then tries to access it on a smartphone - but can’t. Equally annoying would be the vertical and horizontal scrollbars to view certain parts of an unresponsive website. Responsive website are seamless. Text, menus, images and website elements are automatically resized, maintaining the look and feel – and leave a better experience for visitors.

  3. Better for SEO

    If you have multiple websites – one for iPhones, another for iPads and another for desktop viewing, the content gets duplicated. Its well known in SEO circles that duplicate content causes lower search engine ranking. So, having one responsive site ensures this does not happen. You will also find SEO campaigns become easier, less costly and more efficient – because of sharing just one link instead of multiple.

  4. Easier to Maintain

    webydo websitesThis is a given. One website is obviously easier to maintain than multiple sites. One website builder (such as Webydo) can be used to build the website and maintain it. Using Webydo, one can create one website and instantly optimize it for different devices and screen sizes.

One of the many great features of Webydo is site responsiveness. Designers can not only create a website  in an online WYSIWYG editor, but can also ensure that site is compatible for all screen sizes and mobile devices.

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