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Are you searching for inspiration for your graphic design projects? Below, we have 10 amazing designs and illustrations from various graphic designers. We plan to feature more inspirational images soon, please subscribe below so you will not miss a single post.

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The New Wine – Waves – CD cover

new wine waves cover

By Anti, Oslo, Norway

“Over the last two years of touring, the band's sound have evolved and taken on a darker, more organic sound, while staying true to their catchy pop-vibe. The band wanted the cover to hint to this evolution, while still staying somehow visually related to their previous releases, «Bridge» and «Revolving Cylinder».

With this in mind we decided to continue playing with geometric shapes like we did on their EP, but to introduce a wooden cube as an organic element. We wrapped it up in several layers of PVC-film, which were then peeled off in the shape of waves to reveal the wooden core, much like layers of synth and electronics are added to the band's musical core, which is a traditional band using guitars, drums and keyboards.”

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Future Marketry – Montains

future marketry mountains

By Vincent VIRIOT, Paris, France


American Bar Association – Journal

american bar association journal

By Dado Queiroz, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Cover artwork for The American Bar Association Journal. All letters designed from scratch; no fonts were used.”


Type Quotes

experience quote

By Emiliano Aranguren, Buenos Aires, Argentina


DXTR – Illustration Graphic Design

graphic design illustration

By DXTR, Berlin, Germany – Comic Explosion - Design for Nike


Bank Technique – 20 Years

bank technique 20 years

Black Brother, Baku, Azerbaijan - visuals for the 20th anniversary of Bank Technique


Future of Food – Icon Magazine Cover

future of food icon

By Zim And Zou, Nancy, France - “Cover illustration for Icon magazine 104, about the Future of Food.
Inspired by 3D food printer technology.”


Skulltures Poster


By Dsorder, Barcelona, Spain – Vector illustration for Skulltures poster


Motivational Badges

motivational badges

By Nina Magradze, Saint Petersburg, Russia – vector motivational badges


EMUS Electronic Music Festival Poster

electronic music festival poster

By Maurizio Pagnozzi, Benevento, Italy - Poster 2 – EMUS -Electronic Music Festival


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