Professional Portfolio Themes for Tumblr

The social media and blogging community Tumblr has for a long time been a good place for creatives of all types – artists, designers, illustrators, and more – to post works and find inspiration from others. With about 60 billion posts and 140 million blogs, there is no discounting that Tumblr has become a force to be reckoned with.

Why do many creative types prefer Tumblr over other blogging platforms?

  1. It’s free! This is especially advantageous for those who do not have the time or money to spend in a hosted blog.

  2. Easy to post! Posts can be simply an image, link, short message, quotes, audio or video. A little tip though – posts with a combination of images and text tend to get shared more.

  3. Reblogging – Reblogging is a popular feature of Tumblr which allows users to easily share other’s posts by simply clicking the “Reblog” button. This is especially useful for designers, artists, photographers, and illustrators as works sometimes get reblogged hundreds of times. There is always a chance that posts will go viral.

  4. Several free and professional premium themes available. Well, there is no shortage of free Tumblr themes on the internet. These are great to begin with, and I have featured a few in the past here – Free Tumblr Themes, but if you want a professional presence, a premium Tumblr theme is the way to go. Most are actually very cheap, and are worth the small investment.

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Below are a few of our recommended professional portfolio themes for Tumblr art and design blogs.

Pop Gallery Portfolio Theme

PopGallery tumblr theme

Pop Gallery is a responsive portfolio theme for Tumblr, particularly useful for designers, crafters and illustrators. If you like circular thumbnails and clean, flat designs, you may want to check this one out.

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Litefolio – Tumblr Portfolio Theme

litefolio tumblr theme

Litefolio features a jQuery slider (Nivo slider) on the main page, perfect for showcasing artworks, photographs and illustrations. The theme comes with an additional 30 customization options besides the usual Tumblog customizations.


Supple Tumblr Portfolio

supple tumblr portfolio

Check out this cool and trendy Tumblr portfolio theme. This one features a responsive design, grid pattern for images, custom image logo and much more. Click on the image above and then the Live Preview link to see this awesome Tumblr theme in action.


Bloq – Tumblr Blocky Portfolio Theme

bloq tumblr grid portfolio

Bloq is another stylish Tumblr theme which should please artists, photographers and illustrators. Showcase your work with class with an image slider, portfolio grid, light and dark preset skins and more.


Ceres – Responsive Portfolio Template for Tumblr

ceres responsive tumblr portfolio 

Check out the perfect portfolio template for Tumblr, and it’s responsive too – meaning it is able to be viewed in different devices and screen sizes. This one is also loaded with customizations!


We hope one of these can be of use to you for a Tumblr portfolio. You can also find more by using the search feature. First click Themeforest at Envato Marketplaces. Then, simply choose Tumblr -  portfolio.

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