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Webydo recently published a very interesting infographic which shows the current state of the web designing industry, and the role of professionals vs DIY systems. The infographic makes a very good argument on why web designers should consider a no-coding solution such as Webydo.

web design industry analysis


Here are some key points in this infographic:

  • As of November 13, 2013, there are over 785 million websites in the world – with 16 million websites being created every single month! Just in the USA alone, web designing is a 20.1 billion dollar industry.

    websites in the world
  • The infographic then puts forth the question – Who creates these websites? Professional website designers and developers account for 74% of websites on the internet. Astoundingly, DIY systems (such as Wix, Weebly, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.) only account for 3% of websites.

    who creates websites

  • Flaws in the traditional web designing industry:

    Slow and complex – The designer has to communicate what he/she wants in the final design, and the web developer has to develop this in coding language. This is a time consuming process, often requiring open lines of communication from both, and numerous revisions.

    flaws of webdesign industry

    Where the money is spent – Only 30% goes into designing a website, whereas 70% goes into manual coding.

    web design money

    Low success rate of DIY users – 98% of DIY website users fail to publish their website with a custom domain, only using the particular free domain of that service. Websites with top level custom domains are far more likely to get indexed in search engines.. and are certainly more memorable than the free domains.

    To summarize, web designers who use Webydo can create websites faster, more efficiently, costing much less money and are more likely to create successful websites. (the success of designed websites is something which will look very favorable on a designer’s portfolio)

  • What do web designers really want? 100% creative freedom, professional software, independent solution, and zero coding – all is provided in Webydo

    What are they afraid of? Templates, amateur tools, developers, ajax, databases, Javascript, .NET, server crashes – Webydo users do not have to worry about either of these.

    happy web designers

  • The web designing market has traditionally been centered around two categories – web developers and DIY users.. with web designers being left out. This has changed with Webydo – which is purely intended for the professional web designer.

What do you think of this infographic from Webydo? You can check out Webydo for yourself here, and try out the professional design software for free.

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See the full infographic here: Web Design Industry Analysis


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